Healthy diet: These nine foods are a must if you want to build stronger bones

Good health depends on many factors and one of them is diet. The food on your plate, along with good sleep and exercising can do wonders for your body — both mentally as well as physically.
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According to nutrition Bhakti Kapoor, “Strong bones are built with a combination of balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consuming them from an early age can help build up the bone bank for old age.”https://images./2020/08/1×1.png
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She took to Instagram to l nine essential foods that must be eaten to help build healthy bones; read on.


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* Almonds* Leafy greens* Fatty fish* Yogurt* Olive oil* Bananas* Oranges* Sesame seeds* Soy
Mentioning some important “bone facts” in the caption, Kapoor wrote:
Cereals are not a good source of calcium as they have phytic acid. They bind to calcium to make it unavailable.
Eating a lot of animal protein foods such as mutton and chicken can make your body lose calcium. This is why consuming a balanced diet is important.
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Eating too much salt found in readymade foods or at home can result in calcium excretion. Hence, it is important to balance salt intake.
Drinking too much alcohol is a known risk factor for osteoporosis. Hence it is important to limit intake.
Tea and coffee contain caffeine, the ingredient which has been linked to cause calcium loss. Hence excessive consumption of tea or coffee has to be avoided.
“In addition to consuming the foods mentioned in this post, it is also important to follow it up with physical activity and sun exposure for vitamin D3,” the expert concluded.
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