India is now on France’s green l; here’s why it is the perfect opportunity to visit this dreamy country

Lat week, the Ambassador of France to India Emmanuel Lenain took to Twitter to announce that India is now on the green l for travel to France. This means that all fully vaccinated travellers can enter France with zero restrictions, and those who are partially vaccinated will only need a pre-departure negative RT-PCR test.

#Covid19 | Glad to announce that India is now on the green 🟢 l for travel to France ! ✈️
→ Fully vaccinated travellers can enter France with no restrictions✔️
→ Travellers not fully vaccinated need only a pre-departure negative test✔️
— Emmanuel Lenain 🇫🇷🇪🇺 (@FranceinIndia) March 3, 2022
So, if you have long been dreaming of your French vacation, this is the perfect time to take off.

Here are a few reasons (beyond Paris) why France remains one of the most popular tour destinations in the world, and why it should be on your summer sojourn l:

Besides Provence’s sublime landscape, you should visit this idyllic place during the summer, which is when its ‘blue gold’ the lavender is in full bloom. The fine lavender fields are also punctuated wheat and sunflower fields, which means the photo ops are going to be beyond beautiful.

French Alps
The snowy white winter wonderland turns into a pastoral paradise in summers, complete with lakes, meadows, and wonderful hiking trails. The national parks in Vanoise, Ecrins, and Mercantor are more than worth a visit. For sport enthusiasts, there’s paragliding above Lake Annecy, rafting and kayaking in the Upper Ubaye Valley, mountaineering in the Massid de Mont Blanc, and as many hikes as you can go on. If you simply want to do nothing, no better place that the French Alps in summer.
French Basque Country

Located between the Bay of Biscay and the foothills of the Pyreness, the French Basque country is an absolute delight during the summers as its beautiful beaches, the greenery, and the waterbody takes on a different colour. For surfers, the Basque country is brimming with beginner’s lessons as well as advanced courses and even championships. This is all besides the dinctive food, stunning architecture, and France’s best chocolate.

Fulfill your dream of sipping wine right at the vineyards in Lourmarin, one of France’s most picturesque villages. Surrounded stunning mountains, its lush orchards and vineyards are simply irresible. Stroll through its lanes and take in the rhythm of life in the French countryside.

Nice is, after Paris, one of the most visited cities in France. This is owing to its stunning beaches, delicious street food (like socca), and its broad boulevards and squares as well as quaint parts of the city like Vieille Ville, Nice cathedral, and Cours Saleya Market.
An already buzzing destination for Europeans looking for a quick weekend break. Known for its excellent wines and food to match, there are also a ton of cool bars to explore, cool vintage shops to scour, and walks to be enjoyed at its glorious riverside.


If you are in Paris and want a quick day’s trip to a quieter part of France, Chantilly is just half an hour train ride away. Here, bring alive the flaneur in you and spend the afternoon walking through the landscaped gardens of Le Potager des Princes, and the stunning Chataeu de Chantilly before heading back to the bustle of Paris.

Dieppe to Étretat, the Alabaster Coast in Normandy is especially delightful as it is interspersed with beautiful small fishing villages, picturesque beaches and beatific cliffs. It is also where Monet, Turner, and Pissarro came to paint the beauty of the cliffs. Take a road trip and experience the French coast while relishing on its coastal cuisine.
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