Kangana Ranaut slams Bollywood celebs for promoting ‘Black Lives Matter’, talks about ‘selective activism’

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who recently slammed Bollywood celebrities for talking about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, once again called out their ‘selective compassion’.

Kangana Ranaut, in an interview with BBC’s Lucy Hockings, spoke about selective activism of Bollywood celebrities, commercializing dissent, ‘million dollar’ fairness cream endorsements and their silence over the Palghar Sadhu Lynching incident. The videos were shared by the ‘Panga’ actress’s team on Twitter. In the video she says, “Well, i think it has become fancy to somehow be part of this bandwagon, which is relevant to west. But, if you see how Asian celebrities and actors work… they are very impactful in this part of the country but I don’t know how they are participating in the social-political reform of America.”

Talking about Bollywood’s silence over the Palghar Sadhu lynching, she said, “There was not a word from anyone, because I think that would probably resonate with the majority sentiment. So when you politicize your compassion, your activism, your humanity, of course you are part of the problem. Because people who inflict pain on others too have a set of people they are kind to. The problem is selective compassion.”

Kangana also slammed them for endorsing fairness creams and their ‘million dollar deals’. She said, “You have commercialized your dissent as individual, that’s the lowest humanity can hit.”

Fans hailed the actress for ‘fearlessly exposing’ the Bollywood celebrities. A user wrote, “Very well spoke Kangana, you are one among in Hindi movie Industry who can speak daringly without fear & hesitation.”

Another fan commented, “Kangana has the guts the speak the truth and badly exposed to the fake Bollywood celebrity selective outrage.”

This comes after protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was a victim of police brutality, became a global movement against racism. After several international celebrities joined the outcry for justice, Bollywood actors like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Karan Johar also demanded ‘Justice for George Floyd’ through social media.

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