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Police in Pune have arrested a woman and her friend for a dangerous stunt where the former dangled from the roof of a building for a video. The two were identified as Minakshi Salunkhe, 23, and Mihir Gandhi, 27. A third person, who was filming the video, is absconding. A man and a woman have been arrested for a dangerous stunt in Pune.(X/@moonfirescom) According to an IANS report, Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station managed to trace the duo after a video of their dangerous stunt sparked outrage online. The video shows Salunkhe dangling from the top of a high building, supported Gandhi who lay on the roof. Now catch your favourite game on Crickit. Anytime Anywhere. Find out how The Reel went viral and led to backlash against the Pune duo for putting their lives in danger for social media clout. Hundreds of people also criticised them for setting a bad example in a day and age where dangerous stunts for social media have grown in popularity. Take a look at the video below: After the clip went viral, many social media users requested Pune Police to take action against Gandhi and Salunkhe. “After we got information about the video, we launched investigations and managed to trace them. They were summoned to the police station late last night and placed under arrest. We have charged them under IPC Section 336 and others,” Senior Inspector of Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station, Dashrath Patil told IANS. Patil, however, said the two would not be remanded to custody as the offence is minor and carries a jail term of less than six months plus a fine, or both. He added that the search is on for the third person who was involved in the stunt – he shot the whole thing on his mobile phone. News / Trending / Pune woman, 23, arrested for dangling from top of building for Instagram Reel

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