1-year-old boy dies of heart attack after mother’s boyfriend allegedly hit him | Trending

Edward Murray, 23, a resident of Ohio, was arrested after being accused of murdering his girlfriend’s 1-year-old son. Murray has been charged with murder, felonious assault and child endangering after his May 10 arrest, as per reports. The child was discovered to be unresponsive when the paramedics arrived. The paramedics were called to a Cincinnati home on May 1, where they found the child unresponsive. They then made an effort to save his life. He was sent to the intensive care unit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for treatment. The child was pronounced dead on May 5, reported WCPO. Unlock exclusive access to the latest news on India’s general elections, only on the HT App. Download Now! Download Now! An investigation into the one-year-old’s horrific injuries showed that he had suffered cardiac arrest, which resulted in brain damage, a shattered rib, a lacerated liver, bleeding eye tissue, and brain swelling. As per physicians, the child’s injuries “could only have occurred from violent impacts against objects or from delivered blows,” reported People. As per WCPO, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said in a press release, “Child abuse expert physicians at Cincinnati Children’s determined these injuries could only have occurred from violent impacts against objects or from delivered blows. This case is both heartbreaking and sickening. I cannot imagine the amount of evil required to hurt an innocent child so severely.” (Also Read: Before killing 3-year-old son, mom made him say ‘goode’ to father on camera) Murray and the child’s mother, Aminata Keita, had reportedly been dating for roughly three months. The police said the night the child died (May 1), Murray was playing outside with him. Murray said the boy was exhausted, so he carried him “inside and straight to bed, skipping dinner.” According to People, Murray and Aminata Keita smoked marijuana afterwards and didn’t check on the child again that night. The child was discovered to be unresponsive the next morning while Murray was purportedly alone with him. Murray’s defence attorney said to WCPO he’s not the “typical murder suspect with zero criminal background. He’s exhibit A for why you should not speak to the police. I believe you have statements from the defendant as a result of trickery that leads to false confession.” The defence attorney also added that Keita’s mother does not believe Murray was responsible for the death of her son. Catch every big hit, every wicket with Crick-it, a one stop destination for Live Scores, Match Stats, Quizzes, Polls & much more. Explore now! : The Big Picture’, a fresh segment in HT’s talk show ‘The Interview with Kumkum Chadha’, where leaders across the political spectrum discuss the upcoming general elections. Watch Now! Get Latest Updates on Trending News Viral News, Video, Photos and Weather Updates of India and around the world

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