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4 people shot dead by Railway Guard on Jaipur-Mumbai train

A Railway Guard (RPF) employee on Monday morning fatally shot four people, including an assistant inspector, on a moving train near Palghar train station in Maharashtra, one management said.

“Four casualties including ASI were reported in the shooting inside the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Express Train (12956). Defendant was arrested. DCP North GRP has been notified,” Security Force said. Railway Guard said.
The defendant, RPF agent Chetan Singh, opened fire with his official automatic weapon around 5 a.m., killing another RPF colleague, his escort in charge of ASI Tika Ram Meena, and three train passengers who were en route to Mumbai from Jaipur, officials said. He was captured with his weapon. After killing his eldest brother, the gendarmerie went to another tricycle and shot three passengers,
RPF public relations officer said RPF agents opened fire inside the moving train after it crossed Palghar station, snatched the chain and exited the train near Dahisar station. He was arrested by the police at Mira Road with the assistance of the Government Railway Police

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