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TI’s condition stable, accused SI surrenders after 7 hours of being shot.

On Thursday, the incident of firing inside the city’s Civil Line police station created sensation in the entire city. At around 2:30 pm, station in-charge Hitendra Nath Sharma was sitting in his room checking the files. Meanwhile, SI BR Singh reached there. During the conversation, SI took out his service revolver and fired at TI’s chest. Frightened, other policemen immediately reached Minerva Hospital with the injured TI, where the team of doctors started his treatment. After the incident SI imprisoned himself in TI’s office. After 7 hours of the incident, the accused SI surrendered before the police. (Rewa Police Shootout)

ASI Singh’s connection with controversies: Accused SI BR Singh has a deep connection with controversies. Till a few days ago, he was posted in the Civil Line police station only. He was working under TI Hitendra Nath Sharma. ASI BR Singh was made to appear in line 4 days back regarding something. He was very angry with this. He used to think that TI Hitendra Nath Sharma had a hand somewhere in making the line present. After the shootout, the doctors of Minerva Hospital started the treatment of the injured TI in the ICU ward. Even after hard work, he failed to remove the bullet lodged in TI’s chest. After this, a team of specialist doctors was called from Bhopal and Jabalpur. And a special team of two doctors was called to Rewa, which reached Rewa by late night.

Surrendered with difficulty: A few hours after the incident, the relatives of the SI also reached the Civil Line police station and they talked to him and explained. After 7 hours of the incident, the accused SI started talking to the policemen. At last, Superintendent of Police Vivek Singh reached TI’s room to meet SI, after which the accused SI surrendered. SP Vivek Singh told that the police team recovered a loaded service revolver and licensed pistol from the accused SI and took it into their custody. After this, Addition SP Anil Sonkar took the accused SI BR Singh with him to some other place.

The audio clip of the phone conversation with a local journalist by the accused SI imprisoned in TI’s room has also gone viral on social media late night. In the viral audio SI is saying “I have not committed any wrongdoing till date. If there is excess of anything, it will not be tolerated. I have only shot him, but the whirlwind is as if he is dead. If I kill someone, I have only made him realize that don’t do injustice. TI did politics and got me transferred to the police line.” (Rewa Police Shootout)

What’s the reason ?

Let us tell you that the reason for shooting by BR Singh has been told when asked by the media that TI Civil Line had got me transferred to Police Line, so I have shot and not shot but only touched because BR Singh’s never misses the mark.

Inside track :-

  • Where did the SI get two revolvers?
  •  It is being told that si was older than Ti that he was kept inside the same police station as his junior.
  • Is it the failure of the government, is it the failure of the administration that si who was appointed in the post for the last 20 years has not got a single promotion till date, if such hatred is shot in the head, then on whom is this frustration matter and who is really responsible for this?

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