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Vismay Sharma, who joined L’Oreal’s sales and marketing division in 1994 and eventually became the president of its South Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa market (SAPMENA) in 2021, opened up about his experience of nearly three decades. He sat down for an interview and shared five valuable lessons that he has learnt. Vismay Sharma expressed that his biggest motivation is finding purpose in his work every day.(LinkedIn/@vismaysharma) Sharma emphasises the importance of “creating a shared vision and committing to it”. Unlock exclusive access to the latest news on India’s general elections, only on the HT App. Download Now! Download Now! “A lot of leaders like to create their own vision and transmit it across the organisation. My experience says that when you bring the team together and create a shared vision, it is much more powerful, much more profound and of course, people are much more committed to it because its their vision,” Sharma told CNBC Make It. The L’Oréal executive also said that “vision without execution is hallucination”. The next lesson that the executive shared is to “build diversity” so that one is able to tackle the challenges that the world throws at them. “At L’Oréal SAPMENA, we have people from 88 different nationalities coming together and working every day…. We have people with over 30 years of experience and those with three years of experience,” he added. Sharma said that the “single most important resource for success is talent”, and added that everyone who joins an organisation brings “experience, capability and talent”, all of which can add value to the organisation. L’Oréal executive further expressed the importance of preparing for a “fast-changing world”. Sharma’s biggest motivation is finding purpose in his work every day. This, he believes, is the real long-term motivator. His words serve as a reminder to all of us to seek and find our own purpose in our professional journeys. Sharma added, “I love working in the beauty industry. It’s an industry that brings joy, self-confidence and wellbeing into people’s lives on a daily basis. It’s also an industry that creates a positive impact for the environment, for the communities and the economy.” Catch every big hit, every wicket with Crick-it, a one stop destination for Live Scores, Match Stats, Quizzes, Polls & much more. Explore now! : The Big Picture’, a fresh segment in HT’s talk show ‘The Interview with Kumkum Chadha’, where leaders across the political spectrum discuss the upcoming general elections. Watch Now! Get Latest Updates on Trending News Viral News, Video, Photos and Weather Updates of India and around the world ABOUT THE AUTHOR Arfa Javaid is a journal working with the Hindustan Times’ Delhi team. She covers trending topics, human interest stories, and viral content online. …view detail News / Trending / 5 valuable lessons from Vismay Sharma, L’Oréal executive who completed 30 years in the company

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