A women-only quota by 2029? Unique details of the new bill   

The Women’s Reservation Bill will reach the threshold of law after nearly three decades of hiatus and disagreements. However, the 33 percent quota for women in parliament and states promised by the bill may not come into force until 2029.

the quota can be imposed only after constituencies are delimited or redrawn for the first time after the bill comes into effect. Constituencies will not be redrawn until after the next census, which is likely to take place in 2027. Section 82 of the Constitution, as amended in 2002, states that the delimitation process can be done based on the first census after 2026. Originally, the first census after 2026 was to take place in 2031, followed by delimitations. The last census was supposed to be in 2021 but was delayed due to Covid, so the next census could be in 2027.

Article 82 must be amended so that constituencies can be redrawn more quickly. Southern states, on the other hand, oppose an immediate border process. The Women’s Quota Act is valid for 15 years after it becomes law, but it can be extended. It is important that the seats reserved for women are changed after each border practice.

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