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After the embarrassment, Uikey house gets new toilet

Bhopal: A day after BJP top leaders including party chief Amit Shah, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and state party chief Nand Kumar Chauhan visited the house of a tribal on city outskirts for lunch and found the house does not have a toilet, the civic body acted and installed a modular toilet.
The reports about lack of a toilet at Kamal Singh Uikey’s house in Mugalia Kot when the VIPs were around led to a major embarrassment to the state government and Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC).
BMC on Monday installed a portable toilet permanently in the house of Uikey located in ward 26.

A pit used as a makeshift toilet was filled by the BMC. A base with bricks was constructed. No sooner the BMC brought modular toilet and fixed the blue and white block – creating a new toilet, said Uikey. The whole process was supervised by senior BMC officials.
It was not clear if Uikey family paid their contributory sum of Rs 1,375 for installation of the toilet.
Uikey family was running from pillar to post to get a toilet constructed under the subsidised individual toilet scheme of Swachh Bharat Mission.
In 2017, Bhopal was among one of the first cities in the state to be declared open defecation free (ODF).

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