AIDS control ads to now be positive

BHOPAL: In a departure from the scare tactics used earlier with regards to the disease, National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) is set to renovate its outreach campaign by portraying successful interventions in AIDS.
The new approach aims at highlighting the power of anti-retroviral drugs that have helped HIV patients lead a normal life. It comes at a time when experts have stated that four in every 10 people are not aware of their HIV status. “There are an estimated 21 lakh people who have HIV and 40% of them are not aware of their infection status,” said National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) deputy director general Dr Naresh Goyal.
He was speaking at a regional workshop in the city on Thursday on strengthening the workspace and private sector response to HIV and AIDS. Meanwhile, International Labour Organisation (ILO) programme officer SM Baqar said that “striking an optimistic approach” was the new way to strengthen workplace response to HIV.
“Complacency about AIDS has been conquered has set in. The clear and present danger of infection is still present,” he said.
Earlier, AIDS awareness campaigns use to target reaction of shock for the incurable infection. Experts are now looking to eliminate stereotypes associated with the disease following scientific progress and an ever increasing effectiveness of anti-retroviral drugs. “Knowledge and awareness does not always translate into awareness about HIV and AIDS,” Baqar added.

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