AIMPLB meeting post SC ‘triple talaq’ verdict begins in Bhopal

Accepting the Supreme Court’s decision on triple talaq, the AIMPLB members would deliberate on ways to convince a minority section of the community to refrain from ‘instant talaq’. “Even talaq through social media via instant messaging should not be valid, until it is accepted by a Qazi or shariah court,” said a senior member of AIMPLB, ahead of the meeting being held in a private college in Bhopal.
“Our aim is to adopt suitable strategies for the protection and continued applicability of Muslim personal law in India,” said AIMPLB Bhopal-based member, Arif Masood.
First session of the meeting has been marked for discussion on Apex Court order invalidating the practice of triple talaq. Second session would on upcoming December 5 Apex court hearing of Babri Masjid case. “Our legal experts have framed their opinion and it would deliberated,” he AIMPLB member Yaseen Ali Usmani.
AIMPLB is a private body working to protect Muslim personal laws, liaise with and influence the government and guide the general public about crucial issues. The board has a working committee of 51 members representing various schools of thought. In addition to this, it also has a general body of 201 members, including two dozen women.

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