All you need to know from balance purse amount to list of players in pool!

New Delhi: With the 2017 IPL players auction just a few days away, every cricket fan already has an eye on the latest news and rumours of players being linked with the cash-rich league for the 10th edition.

The event will kick-off in Bangalore on Monday, February 20, and we have the list of all 351 players who will be eligible to be picked by franchises for the new season.

Player Pool:-

From an original pool of 799 players, a total of 351 are up for grabs including 226 Indian and 125 oversees. The list includes 122 capped, 223 uncapped and six Associates players, but only 76 of these players can be purchased in the auction.

While Angelo Mathews, Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, Eoin Morgan, Ishant Sharma, Mitchell Johnson and Pat Cummins are the players with highest base price of Rs. 2 crore, here’s a list of balance money in franchises’ purses for the auction:-

Kings XI Punjab – Rs 23.35 crore
Delhi Daredevils – Rs 21.5 crore
Sunrisers Hyderabad – Rs 20.9 crore
Kolkata Knight Riders – Rs 19.75 crore
Rising Pune Supergiants – Rs 19.1 crore
Gujarat Lions – Rs 14.35 crore
Royal Challengers Bangalore – Rs 12.825 cror
Mumbai Indians – Rs 11.555 crore
There isn’t much difference between the selling capacity of Kings XI Punjab to Rising Pune Supergiants, who will look to bag most big name players ahead of the rest three including Gujarat Lions, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians.

Several Indian players, including Test regular Cheteshwar Pujara, will have a base price of just INR 30 lakh. Pujara, also recently expressed his intentions of changing people’s perspectives about his batting style after he was dubbed a Test specialist.

As far as fixtures are concerned, Defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad will host runners-up Royal Challengers Bangalore in the opening match on April 5.

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