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The IPL final between the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans has the entire nation on the edge of their seats. With the match rescheduled to a reserve day, cricket fans and followers are eagerly gearing up to back their favorite teams once more. In the midst of this excitement, industrial Anand Mahindra has revealed which team he is rooting for in the final showdown.

Anand Mahindra shared which team will he be supporting in IPL finals.(Twitter/@anandmahindra)

“I was asked which team I’m supporting in tonight’s #IPL2023 final. Well, I’m a believer in Shubhman’s talents & would like to see them flower tonight BUT I’m a bigger fan of #MSDhoni & can’t help but hope for him to blaze a trail of glory tonight. So let the best team win!” wrote Anand Mahindra on Twitter.This post was shared yesterday when the match was supposed to happen but got postponed due to heavy rain. Since being shared, the tweet has received more than 4000 likes and several comments.An individual wrote, “Everyone wants Dhoni to win this! So hopeful for a great match and a memorable farewell to the Indian Legend!” A second added, “Majority of the people wish for MS Dhoni’s glory and for sure Chennai will win the cup!” A third shared, “My two favourite teams are playing. But I am cheering for #CSK because of #MSDhoni.”

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