Ankita Konwar performs Ustrasana on the beach; know about its benefits

Just like her husband Milind Soman, Ankita Konwar, too, leads and enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle. On Instagram, she keeps sharing posts and messages about fitness, health and well-being, and the need to stay active.

One of her recent pictures puts the emphasis on yoga, of which she is an advocate. Konwar believes in stretching and doing yoga anywhere and everywhere, and in this particular post of hers, she was on a beach.
The fitness enthusiast captioned it: “Ustrasana on the river bank. #camelpose #ustrasana #keepmoving #yogapractice #yogaeverywhere.”
She pulled off Ustrasana, which is a rather difficult yoga pose. Also known as Camel Pose, it involves — as demonstrated in the photograph — kneeling and bending backwards to touch the heels with the hands.

The asana gives a good stretch to the muscles — from the neck, all the way to the spine and the legs. If practised daily, it can give you relief from neck and (lower) back pain caused because of slouching and working long hours in front of a computer, or while driving.

According to, Ustrasana can work on the muscles in the abdomen and chest, along with the throat, while strengthening the back muscles, improving posture, stimulating the organs of the abdomen and neck.
Its other benefits include providing relief from respiratory ailments, helping ease mild backache, fatigue, anxiety and also menstrual discomfort.
Check out this video to learn how to do the asana:

Would you like to try?
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