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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently made his OTT debut with the Netflix series Fubar. In the show, he takes on the role of a CIA dad who discovers his daughter is a secret agent too. Since its premiere, fans have been brimming with joy after seeing their favourite actor on screen after years. Many have also taken to social media, praising the series and demanding a second season. While Arnold himself responded to one of those tweets with gratitude, it was an unexpected comment from an Internet troll that caught the attention of netizens.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sweating it out in the gym. (Twitter/@Schwarzenegger)

It all began when Twitter user Willian Horst expressed their admiration for Arnold’s new series Fubar sharing a popular GIF from one of Arnold’s films, Predator. The GIF showcases Arnold’s epic handshake with Carl Weathers. The caption alongside the GIF reads, “Just finished watching #FUBAR on @NetflixBrasil. @Schwarzenegger is back! We need season 2!” Arnold quoted the tweet and wrote, “Thanks for watching!”
Take a look at the tweet quoted Arnold here:

The tweet garnered attention from netizens and received numerous responses, but one reply stood out for its unkind tone. The Twitter user Adam Sattler commented, “That’s Arnold’s bicep in Predator back in the 1980s. He won’t show his biceps now. It’s disappointing that he doesn’t keep them looking good. Even at 75, a man can have nice biceps.” This comment didn’t go down well with Arnold’s fans, who bashed the troll left and right. Later, the man himself entered the scene and shut down the troll without even saying a word.Take a look at Arnold’s tweet below:

This photo of Arnold exercising at a gym went viral with over 26.3 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. It has also received a plethora of comments from netizens.Here’s how people reacted to the picture:A Twitter user wrote, “How can someone body shame Arnold!? I met him once in LA while he was promoting Last Action Hero. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.” Another added, “Great pump, Arnold!” “I wish I could look this good at 75!” commented a third. A fourth shared, “At some point a man needs to rest. He has done so much for bodybuilding and inspired young men everywhere. He deserves a break. His legacy will live on, inspiring us all.” “Still got it!” joined a fifth.


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