Australia inflict India with first home loss since 2012, take 1-0 series lead

New Delhi: The first Test between India and Australia ended in a humiliating result for the hosts after they were bundled for 107 runs. In doing so, the visitors inclicted the hosts with their first home loss since 2012. This is also India’s lowest aggregate score in home Tests.

Kohli- “This was our worst batting performance in the last two years. Sometimes you have to raise your hat to say well done. ”
“I ‘ve taken the loss on the chin”

Smith: “I’m proud of the way in which the boys have performed. Starc came out well scoring the much needed fifty in the first innings and then Keefe with his excellent spell.”

Man of the Match – Steve O’Keefe- “Ive really worked hard and I’ve got my results. Happy with SUNDAR PUNE”

India’s second innings collapse more distressing than in the first: very low in adaptability & improvement, even lower on resolve

— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) February 25, 2017
Australia win the 1st @Paytm Test match by 333 runs, lead the 4-match Test series 1-0 #INDvAUS

— BCCI (@BCCI) February 25, 2017

02:49pm- Over 33.5 | Score 107/10 | Jayant 1 , Umesh 0*

Did you actually see this coming when the game kicked off on 23rd? Absolute misery! Indians are nine down, Aussies looking for the 10th. Three quick wickets after tea, six-wicket haul from Keefe, all adds up to the poor condition of India. Hard hitting reality for the number 1 Ttest team. And its the end.
Australia win by 333 runs

WICKET! Ishant Sharma is removed by Nathan Lyon without putting any score on the board. Two balls faced zero runs scored. Aussies just one wicket away from victory.

I Sharma c Warner b Lyon 0 (2b)

WICKET! Jadeja bowled by Lyon, as the latter picks up his 2nd wicket of the innings. Australia just two wickets away from victory.

RA Jadeja b Lyon 3 (11b)

WICKET! Six wickets now for O’Keefe. Indian batters seem helpless facing the Aussie spin magician.

CA Pujara lbw b O’Keefe 31 (58b)

At Tea on Day 3 of the 1st Test, India (105 & 99/6). Follow the game here – #INDvAUS

— BCCI (@BCCI) February 25, 2017
India’s second innings collapse more distressing than in the first: very low in adaptability & improvement, even lower on resolve

— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) February 25, 2017
TEA BREAK: Keefe is the man again. First innings, six wickets and this time five already before tea. India took off an anxious start after Lyon’s troubling spells. Keefe took advantage of it to get his first for the day. Rahul was the next, falling prey to Lyon.

Just when the Indians thought that probably Kohli-Pujara duo can live up to the expectation, things turned 360. Shocking for Kohli to depart, Keefe again . Ashwin, Saha went back in quick succession to send the message- it is all over for the Indians.

WICKET! Another five-wicket haul for Keefe. A day to surely party. Saha is the next. SCORE 99/6

WP Saha lbw b O’Keefe 5 (13b)

02:07pm- Over 28 | Score 99/5 | Pujara 31* , Saha 5*

Lyooon! Pujara dropped by Warner. Lucky escape. Four off the over

02:05pm- Over 27 | Score 95/5 | Pujara 29* , Saha 4*

Full toss and cover drived for a four. Saha opens his account. Just that four off the over

02:02pm- Over 26 | Score 91/5 | Pujara 29* , Saha 0*

Lyon on the attack.. It now as to how long India can actually go. Obviously not till 150 it seems. Two off the over

01:59pm- Over 25 | Score 89/5 | Pujara 27* , Saha 0*

Keefe with the ball. Continues with his trouble. Loud appeal and Aussies up for a review. Ashwin is the man under scanner. Will he be Keefe’s fourth victim? And yes indeed. 10th in the match, fourth in this innings. Wicket and a maiden

WICKET! Keefe gets his fourth victim. Ashwin is the man. Under review and yes he is out

R Ashwin lbw b O’Keefe 8 (11b)

01:53pm- Over 24 | Score 89/4 | Pujara 27* , Ashwin 8*

Now that is different. Ashwin is sent in instead of Saha. Class! Beauty of a reverse sweep from Ashwin a nd it goes for a boundary. Ashwin in trouble, in the air, same as Rahane. Just a little wide and he gets three runs

01:48pm- Over 23 | Score 81/4 | Pujara 26* , Ashwin 1*

Keefe starts and gets Rahane. Third victim for the day. Goes for a cover drive but caught by Lyon. Huge disappointment for the batsman and for India.

WICKET! Soft dismissal for Rahane. Goes for a cover drive but caught by Lyon. Keefe gets his third

AM Rahane c Lyon b O’Keefe 18 (21b)

01:46pm- Over 22 | Score 76/3 | Pujara 22* , Rahane 18*

Pujara pulls for a four past fine leg. Hits Lyon for a boundary. Another four, this time from Rahane

01:42pm- Over 21 | Score 67/3 | Pujara 17* , Rahane 14*

Plays the cut, upper edge and over the slip for a four. Lucky for Rahane. Backfoot shot from Rahane, down cover for a boundary

01:38pm- Over 20 | Score 58/3 | Pujara 16* , Rahane 6*

Lyon back in. Every other batsmen seem to go for that spin, hence the departure. Five off the over

01:35pm- Over 19 | Score 53/3 | Pujara 15* , Rahane 3*

Keefe is the bowler. Looking for his third. One off it

01:33pm- Over 18 | Score 52/3 | Pujara 14* , Rahane 3*

50 up for India. 389 is still a long way to go, not a difficult one, but who will guide India to that score. Home side is already walking on the same path that they were on the first innings. Three off the over

Great arm delivery from O’Keefe. Kohli left to rue decision to shoulder arms and — after phenomenal run this season — appear mortal again

— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) February 25, 2017
01:28pm- Over 17 | Score 49/3 | Pujara 12* , Rahane 1*

Keefe is the bowler. Kohli leaves his spell, takes a turn and hits the stumps. With that ends all the hope India ever had. Depressing for the skipper who did little to save his side. Rahane walks to the crease.

WICKET! The stadium stands still as their hope departs. Leaves the ball and it kisses the stumps. Kohli departs to Keefe’s spell

V Kohli b O’Keefe 13 (37b)

01:23pm- Over 16 | Score 45/2 | Pujara 12* , Kohli 11*

So Hazlewood brought in, Pujara at crease. Good length outside off to be left alone by Pujara. Waited for his moment and hits a boundary. Cuts away past gully

01:17pm- Over 15 | Score 41/2 | Pujara 8* , Kohli 11*

Pujara chips it to deep backward square-leg for a single. Typical Kohli with his cover drive and it whistles to the boundary. 400 still to go for India.

01:14pm- Over 14 | Score 36/2 | Pujara 7* , Kohli 7*

Lyon back in. Singles and changing strikes to grow momentum. Five off the over

01:11pm- Over 13 | Score 31/2 | Pujara 3* , Kohli 6*

Loud appeal from Keefe, denied. Would have got Kohli, but Smith doesn’t take a review. Maiden to Keefe

Only one half century partnership by India yet in match. Best pair in the middle. Pujara & Kohli must show wherewithal & put up fight

— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) February 25, 2017
01:08pm- Over 12 | Score 31/2 | Pujara 3* , Kohli 6*

Steps out for a push towards mid-on, Pujara takes a single.Quick single for Kohli this time. Two off the over

01:05pm- Over 11 | Score 29/2 | Pujara 2* , Kohli 5*

Maiden for Keefe

01:03pm- Over 10 | Score 27/2 | Pujara 2* , Kohli 5*

Lyon is able to get quicker turns, which in fact is more of a concern to the batsmen. Killer of a turn , lucky for Pujara. Goes for a bye-four

12:56pm- Over 9 | Score 23/2 | Pujara 2* , Kohli 5*

Both are reliable batsmen. Both have the ability to create a difference. But tight fielding, and tighter bowling seems to crumble their hopes. Three off the over

12:56pm- Over 8 | Score 20/2 | Pujara 1* , Kohli 3*

Virat is the only hope now. The spin combo is too dangerous it seems.

12:55pm- Over 7 | Score 18/2 | Pujara 0* , Kohli 2*

OHH! Indians are going awry right now. Crooked start to their much expected innings. Looks like a similar thing to happen.

12:53pm- Over 6 | Score 17/2 | Pujara 0* , Kohli 1*

Confident cover drive from Rahul, takes a two. Another one from the opener and this time its a boundary. Lyon turns it this time, trapped between his legs and umpire with his decision-LBW. Excellent from the spinner. And India has lost all their revies with that. In walks the captain.

WICKET! Lyon takes this one. Dismisses another opener for a LBW

KL Rahul lbw b Lyon 10 (9b)

12:47pm- Over 5 | Score 10/1 | Pujara 0* , Rahul 4*

The man with six wickets steps in. Pushed to cover for a single. Vijay is nervous. Lyon has done the damage. And Keefe picks it up. Vijay takes a review. Is it a lbw? Yes it is and Aussies have done their first damage. He looked like he would depart early after couple of killer spells from Lyon.

WICKET! Anxious Vijay departs for just 2. Keefe is the man

M Vijay lbw b O’Keefe 2 (23b)

12:40pm- Over 4 | Score 9/0 | Vijay 2* , Rahul 3*

Lyon in. Flicks towards deep backward square-leg for a single. Up in the air! Handscomb dives, but no. Lyon with his nasty spells.

12:37pm- Over 3 | Score 6/0 | Vijay 1* , Rahul 1*

Starc back in. Outside off yet again. Vijay not looking confident enough, especially after couple of troubling spells from Lyon. Narrow escape indeed from that over. Patience, needs time to gel in. Maiden again

12:33pm- Over 2 | Score 6/0 | Vijay 1* , Rahul 1*

Will it be Keefe again for the second over? No its Lyon. Turns to the leg, strikes it and Rahul gets a single. Lucky for Vijay. Similar spell, turns and travels for a bye-four. Lyon looking dangerous with the turns. Vijay troubled, nervous.

12:30pm- Over 1 | Score 0/0 | Vijay 0* , Rahul 0*

Openers are out on the field and so the Kangaroos. Will Vijay-Rahul partnership finally pay-off? Eyes on Starc, ready to strike again. Vijay at crease.
Outside off to start with, left alone by Vijay. Indians will not be looking at facing those tempting spells from Starc. They know what happens. Especially Kohli.
Starc looking dangerous with his swinging pace. Varying deliveries too. Good length and a lot quicker. Starts off with a maiden

POST LUNCH: India will obviously try not to repeat their first innings blunder. What has the Aussies got this time to stop them? Is it the same technique or Smith has a different plan? Time also for Kohli to step up and show Smith, he is no lesser?

So, all eyes in this session- India with the bat and Aussies on the attack.

Aus bowled out, but session splendidly exploited: 142 runs scored, & India have whopping 441 to win. Improbable. But cricket’s a funny game!

— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) February 25, 2017
LUNCH: They came out with the aim to clear the remaining six wickets before lunch and yes they did. Despite a mammoth target of 440, Indians have been successful in their first half off the day.

Smith looked a lot troubling in the initial part of the day. Boundaries after boundaries which took him to his maiden Test ton in India and 18th in all. But ripper of a spell from Jadeja got the better off him. Brlliant for the skipper, single-handedly taking the score forward.

Starc was off to a repeat of his first innings cameo, but misjudged Ashwin’s carrom ball and caught in the deep by Jadeja. Next few fell in quick succession to cease the visitors at 285.

Can India do it this time like they did against England ir New Zealand, or will Aussie spin attack crumble them to yet another humiliation?

Innings Break! Australia all out for 285, lead India (105) by 440 runs. Follow the game here – #INDvAUS

— BCCI (@BCCI) February 25, 2017
11:44am- Over 87 | Score 285/10 | Keefe 6 , Hazlewood 2*

Jadeja in 33rd over of the innings. Final deliver, final WICKET! Keefe departs to cease Aussies at 285.

SNJ O’Keefe c Saha b Jadeja 6 (42b)

11:41am- Over 86 | Score 284/9 | Keefe 6* , Hazlewood 1*

Finally a single to the Aussies. Keefe strikes a four to Umesh. Terrefic shot through mid-wicket. Five off the over

11:39am- Over 85 | Score 279/9 | Keefe 2* , Hazlewood 0*

Jadeja in. 30 minutes added before Lunch. Another maiden for him

11:36am- Over 84 | Score 279/9 | Keefe 2* , Hazlewood 0*

Umesh replacing Ashwin. And he continues to impress. Good lenght and straight and an LBW to depart Lyon for 13. Wicket and a maiden. Excellent from the pacer

WICKET! Umesh continues to impress. LBW to dismiss Lyon.

NM Lyon lbw b UT Yadav 13 (13b)

11:30am- Over 83 | Score 279/8 | Keefe 2* , Lyon 13*

Jadeja on the attack. Exceptional with his spin. Maiden

11:27am- Over 82 | Score 279/8 | Keefe 2* , Lyon 13*

Ashwin troubling with carrom ball. Sweeps. Umesh catches it taking it over the boundary. SIX!

11:25am- Over 81 | Score 269/8 | Keefe 0* , Lyon 6*

Lyon strikes hard, sweeps for a boundary. Jadeja continues. Five of the over

11:23am- Over 80 | Score 264/8 | Keefe 0* , Lyon 2*

Ashwin now has four wickets in his bag, looking for a fifth one. Two crucial points in the over, appeal, but denied. That was a wonder! Steps out, misses it and Saha fails to catch it too and wonder turns to blunder. Bye-four.

11:20am- Over 79 | Score 259/8 | Keefe 0* , Lyon 1*

Jadeja in. One off it

11:15am- Over 78 | Score 258/8 | Keefe 0* , Starc 30

Ashwin going round the wicket. Toss of delivery over middle stump and sweep log for a SIX. STARC, the new danger. Jadeja once again, this time with the catch. Fails to judge Ashwin’s carrom ball, goes for the big one again, but Jadeja takes it in the deep.

WICKET! Starc fails to judge the carrom ball and Jadeja is the man to take the catch. End of his cameo

MA Starc c Rahul b Ashwin 30 (31b)

11:15am- Over 77 | Score 252/7 | Keefe 0* , Starc 24*

Jadeja back in. Keefe is the next man. Man with six wickets. Maiden

11:11am- Over 76 | Score 252/7 | Keefe 0* , Starc 24*

If anyone deserved Smith’s wicket, it was always Jadeja. Troubling him since morning and finally his spell strikes. SIX! Another from Starc. Ashwin in trouble.

11:07am- Over 75 | Score 246/7 | Keefe 0* , Starc 18*

Ripper of a delivery from Jadeja. Finally gets the big man. Smith on the verge of leaving, goes for a review. Umpires sticks to his decision. End of a brilliant innings.

WICKET! Jadeja gets the big man. Appeal for an lbw and off goes Smith. Takes a review, but umpires sticks on.

SPD Smith lbw b Jadeja 109 (202b)

11:04am- Over 74 | Score 244/6 | Smith 108* , Starc 17*

Ashwin on the attack. Things absolutely awry for the home side. Continuing with their dominance, three off the over

11:00am- Over 73 | Score 241/6 | Smith 105* , Starc 17*

That was the skipper’s first Test ton in India. An Epitome for the Aussies. Starc adds too to the score, piling on their agony. Slices Jadeja’s delivery for a four. And now for a SIX! Indeed a repeat of his last innings.

What a knock! A captain’s innings for @stevesmith49 as he pushes Australia further and further into the lead! #IndvAus

— ICC (@ICC) February 25, 2017
10:55am- Over 71 | Score 227/6 | Smith 101* , Starc 7*

Waited for it, got the placement right and hammered for a four. Smith on 98 now. Two off the next delivery and Smith gets his 18th Test hundred. Outstanding from the skipper. Brilliant knock.

10:50am- Over 70 | Score 220/6 | Smith 94* , Starc 7*

Kohli now using a pace-spin combo. Did get him a wicket of the pace attack, while Jadeja troubling Smith with his turns. Smith is, on the other hand, walking off towards his century. One off Umesh’s over

10:48am- Over 69 | Score 219/6 | Smith 93* , Starc 7*

Jadeja in. Looking damn dangerous with his sharp spells. One off the over

10:45am- Over 68 | Score 218/6 | Smith 92* , Starc 7*

Umesh on the attack. Back with his reverse swing. Starc answers his over-pitched delivery for a cover-drive four. Six off the over

10:40am- Over 67 | Score 212/6 | Smith 91* , Starc 2*

Smith answers back with a four. Beautiful cover drive to Jayant’s spell. Starc in the next batsman. Remember his cameo role last innings? Fans hoping for not a repeat show. Indians are hoping for a bundle up before lunch. Eight off the over

10:34am- Over 66 | Score 204/6 | Smith 85* , Wade 20

Umesh. Low end of the bat did touch the ball, but umpire denies it. Frustration for Kohli and the home fans. No reviews! Wade knew it striked. And Umesh strikes back. Gets Wade. Same spell, this time umpire can’t deny. Six down for the Aussies

​WICKET! MS Wade c Saha b UT Yadav 20 (42b)

10:29am- Over 65 | Score 202/5 | Smith 84* , Wade 19*

Single from Smith takes the Aussies to 200-run mark. Three of Jayant’s over

10:26am- Over 64 | Score 199/5 | Smith 83* , Wade 18*

Umesh. Bouncer to Wade, looked like a catch out, liud appeal. No from the umpire. No reviews are costing the home side much of a trouble.

10:24am- Over 63 | Score 194/5 | Smith 82* , Wade 14*

Jayant comes in. Smith takes a single

10:19am- Over 62 | Score 193/5 | Smith 81* , Wade 14*

Umesh back in. Outside off deliveries. Five off the over

10:16am- Over 61 | Score 188/5 | Smith 80* , Wade 10*

Jayant seems to have worked on his spell. Flatter and a lot quicker. But couple of times you get it off. Wade slices it for a four

10:13am- Over 60 | Score 184/5 | Smith 80* , Wade 6*

Umesh replaces Jadeja. Looking to reverse the ball. Deadly spell to end it, two off the over

10:09am- Over 59 | Score 182/5 | Smith 79* , Wade 5*

Jayant brought into the attack. Maiden for him. Much neede for the young lad

10:05am- Over 58 | Score 182/5 | Smith 79* , Wade 5*

Jadeja has really been impressive this morning. Accurate, spinning, troubling.

10:03am- Over 57 | Score 178/5 | Smith 78* , Wade 2*

Quick singles, rotating strikes, giving Wade a chance to settle down. Two off the over

10:00am- Over 56 | Score 176/5 | Smith 77* , Wade 1*

Jadeja. India at disadvantage now for not having any reviews left. Sends his last delivery down mid-on for a boundary

09:57am- Over 55 | Score 172/5 | Smith 73* , Wade 1*

Ashwin on the attack. Just that one off the over

09:54am- Over 54 | Score 171/5 | Smith 72* , Wade 1*

Jadeja. Backpad and goes for a bye-four. Very next spell gets Marsh off the pitch. Spin kisses outside edge of the bat and straight into the hands of the keeper. Six off the over

WICKET! Jadeja gets his first break. Dismisses Marsh for 31. Outside edge and caught by Saha

MR Marsh c Saha b Jadeja 31 (76b)

09:49am- Over 53 | Score 165/4 | Smith 71* , M Marsh 31*

Smith takes a single to start Ashwin’s over. Spins towards leg, touches golve, Rahane for a dive. Travels for a boundary.

09:46am- Over 52 | Score 159/4 | Smith 66* , M Marsh 30*

Jadeja with the ball. Smith has proved that he is indeed better tha Kohli. Playing spin and pave with such ease in the sub-continent area is much commendable. One off the over

09:44am- Over 51 | Score 158/4 | Smith 65* , M Marsh 30*

Ashwin yet again hammered for a four. Backfoot, and punched through the cover for a boundary. Marsh looking stronger now. Five off the over

09:41am- Over 50 | Score 153/4 | Smith 64* , M Marsh 26*

Jadeja ! Killer of a spin, yet again. Another similar spell, outside edge, gets a single

09:40am- Over 49 | Score 152/4 | Smith 63* , M Marsh 26*

And the first four of the day comes up. Cover drive, pushed it for a boundary. Poor spell from the offie.

09:37am- Over 48 | Score 147/4 | Smith 62* , M Marsh 22*

That was killer off a turn from Jadeja. Maiden to the spinner

09:35am- Over 47 | Score 147/4 | Smith 62* , M Marsh 22*

Ashwin starts off with first ball for the day, defended by Smith. Goes for a risky two runs, Saha too slow to get him off pitch. Four to start off with

So far in the Test, Virat Kohli and Co. have been outplayed by Steve Smith and his men, be it batting, bowling or fielding. While Indian players would have had to face Anil Kumble’s anger after dropping a number of catches, the Aussies have been pretty sharp in the field in talking almost all of their half chances.

Despite the coach terming this as ‘one bad day in office’, India’s epic collapse – losing last seven wickets for just 11 runs, to get bowled out for 105 runs in the first innings – can’t really be explained.

At Stumps on Day 2 of the 1st Test, Australia (260 & 143/4), lead India (105) by 298 runs #INDvAUS

— BCCI (@BCCI) February 24, 2017
Heading into Day 3, the tourists have a mammoth lead of 298 runs, with Steve Smith and Mitchell Marsh set to take the team’s innings forward from 143 for 4. All they need to do is take the lead to near about 450 runs and considering the nature of pitch, Indian batsmen are going to find it extremely hard batting against Steve O’Keefe and Nathan Lyon in 4th innings.

While Australia are being considered huge favourites to win the opener, taking India lightly could be their biggest mistake. The hosts, even about 300 runs behind so early in the match, are capable enough to make a comeback.

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The team, he told Davis, was better off with him in the shower than on the pitch. In the press conference, he made a defining, fire and brimstone statement of intent. Failure has become as abundant and necessary as air. But we should not allow this to hinder us on our way to happiness.. “You may remember getting read a bedtime story and triggering an interest in reading. For me, it was family trips to Ventersdorp [AWB HQ], seeing Eugene Terre’Blanche [the AWB’s leader], and being taught from a young age why whites were better. Tomorrow, Detroit, a city that cheap fake oakleys has struggled amid economic decline, hosts Super Bowl XL. Fans of the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers will see there’s a new look to downtown Detroit. With the victory, Phelps became the first person in Olympic history to win NFL Jerseys China the same event NFL Jerseys Cheap in three consecutive Olympics Games. He repeated that feat the following night when he won the Men’s 100 meter Butterfly held at the London Aquatic Center.. It’s hard to know where Jacksonville lies on this spectrum. There’s no denying that Jack is an elite, versatile talent when healthy, and the Jaguars could use an impact linebacker. When you can offer designer clothing at lower prices than competing businesses, you can sway customers to join your local clientele. Perhaps you have never before considered selling designer clothing, because of its naturally higher wholesale rates. The closest US parallel is Los Angeles’ Staples Centre. The two anchor tenants, the LA Kings (NHL) and the LA Lakers (NBA) receive 25per cent each of the naming rights and suites. For this workout, the lowering phase of each rep should take two full seconds, then pause for one second at the bottom of a rep, and then press each rep as quickly as possible. By slowing the rep, the muscles spend more time under contraction and ultimately, do more work.. Then two o’clock in the morning, I get a call to my room. I come to the room, he’s curled up in the fetal position . The job hasn’t changed, in essence, but the expectations of the parents have changed. Unfortunately, nowadays it all comes down to money. The first stage begins almost Cheap NFL Jerseys China immediately after surgery. In this stage, your shoulder may be temporarily immobilized; however, your doctor may have you begin to move your arm and shoulder as early as the first or jordans for cheap second day. Peyton Manning may still look strange in those orange Denver Broncos uniforms but he has shown that he can still sling it like he could during his years with the Indianapolis Colts. While it remains to be seen how he’ll handle the wear and tear of an NFL season, Manning’s skills look intact as he returned from those neck surgeries..

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