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Bhopal: With prayers & feast Tamilians celebrate New Year

Bhopal: Dance, drama and traditional celebrations marked the Tamil New Year celebrations, also known as Puthandu or Puthuvarusham. Tamil Association of Bhopal (BTA) celebrated ‘Hevilambi’- the Tamil New Year at Career College on Sunday.
‘Puthandu Vazthukkal’ (New Year greetings) is how community friends and relatives greeted each other on the occasion.
The community members also feasted on dishes like vada and payasam (sweet dish). The special dish of the day is the ‘mango pachidi’ made with neem flowers, jaggery, mango, green chilli, salt and tamarind juice representing the six major human emotions.
Speaking on the occasion, chief guest president of janpad panchayat, Sanchi S Munian, said, according to the Tamil calendar, 2017 is the 31st year in the cycle. The outgoing year was called ‘Dhunmuki’ and the next year will be ‘Vilambi.’
He said on the eve of Puthandu all Tamilians prepare a tray. laden with fruits like mango, banana, jackfruit, areca nuts, couple of betel leaves, gold or silver jewellery, a mirror, some cash, rice, coconut, and flowers. This is to be viewed as the first thing in the morning. This tradition is called as ‘Kanni’. Post the Kanni, people have a cleansing bath and after that people throng to the temples to seek divine blessings.
President BTA M Raji while greeting members of community on the occasion said “Tamil New Year begins with the start of the spring.” A rangoli made of rice flour is designed on the floor by all households.
The community’s women folk decorate house and its entrance with Kolam (rangoli) and use ‘torans’ made of mango leaves for the main door. Then they light a lamp, incense and garland the idols of the Gods and Goddesses. After seeking blessings from the Gods, they prepare special traditional dishes.

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