Bigg Boss 11, 4th December 2017 written update: Arshi asks Hiten to give her an oil massage

In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, the contestants wake up to the song Gandi Baat. Shilpa tells Puneesh that she felt suffocated when he went out of the house with Bandagi. She thought she would be all alone in the house. Akash and Arshi have a minor spat in the morning. Akash makes fun of her as she thinks that she is hotter than Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif. Arshi then instigates Puneesh against Akash and tries to create a rift between the boys.
Akash and Puneesh keep making fun of Arshi and she talks to Luv and Vikas for support. Vikas says that Akash will look at Puneesh and Shilpa to side with him. He says that Akash will stoop to any level to stay in the house. Hina tries to talk to Akash but Puneesh backs him and says that whatever he is doing is right and it is always Arshi who makes friends as per her convenience.
Priyank and Luv sit in the lawn and talk about Hina and how her insecurity is spoiling the game.Hina announces the new task in which women will be queens in the house and all the males will do what they say. Akash and Priyank are Shilpa’s Sevaks. Hina’s sevaks are Puneesh and Luv and Arshi’s sevak’s are Hiten and Vikas. Hina makes Luv stand with a vanity mirror for her and Arshi makes Hiten handle her hair. Shilpa makes Akash and Priyank do work in the kitchen. Arshi asks Hiten to give her an oil massage. Hiten doesn’t like physical contact with her at all. Hina makes Luv and Puneesh wear sarees and put on bright pink lipsticks.

Luv is seen having fun like never before as he dances around in a saree, talking in a squeaky voice. Arshi makes Vikas and Hiten wax her hands. Arshi makes Hiten take off her clothes and touches him suggestively. She then pushes him in the pool and gets in with him. Hiten sings a song with Vikas and calls Arshi his sister.

Since no one votes for Luv and Akash, they are nominated. As he is the captain of the house, Bigg Boss asks Vikas to save one person and nominate someone else from the lot. Vikas saves Luv and nominates Shilpa.
At this point Akash realizes that his time to leave the house is fast approaching. he starts acting weird around the house and picks a fight with Arshi Khan. Hina breaks down and Priyank consoles her. Priyank apologizes for calling her insecure.

Arshi picks a fight with Shilpa and makes explosive remarks on her. Puneesh breaks down on the couch as he begins to miss Bandagi. Hina tells Priyank that Luv is acting weird suddenly.

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