Bigg Boss 11: Day 10 highlights: Puneesh gets insecure about his relationship with Bandagi

In This episode of Bigg Boss 11, Arshi Khan calls Sapna Choudhary a ‘Nachnewali’ and Sapna decides to teach her a lesson by constantly staring at her, following her and singing songs for her.
Sapna also threatens to beat her up if she doesnt behave. Arshi then picks a fight with Mehjabeen. Mehjabeen tells Arshi to keep safe distance from her.

10:31 PM: The episode starts with the contestants waking up to the song ‘Suno Sasurji’ from Dulhe Raja. Shilpa Shinde dances in front of Vikas.
10:36 PM: Akash flirts with Lucinda. And he explains her the meaning of the song that was playing in the morning. Akash asks her to pout for him. Akash tells her that they will definately kiss before one of them leaves the house.
10:38 PM: Shilpa Shinde and Arshi taunt Vikas and he discusses the same with Hiten.
10:40 PM: Sapna taunts Arshi and Arshi calls her a ‘Nachnewaali.’ Sapna says that she will now show her what a Nachnewali is.
10:42 PM: Arshi tells Hiten that Sapna is staring at her. Sapna follows Arshi around and stares at her.
10:44 PM: Mehjabee tells Hina that Arshi is not moving from the kitchen. Arshi comes there and Mehjabeen tells her to stay in her limits. Sapna follows her around singing.
10:46 PM: Mehjabeen shouts at Arshi. Arshi says that she will make her massage her feet. Mehjabeen says that she will massage her with her shoes.
10:48 PM: Vikas Gupta makes out that the padosis are acting. He commends Mehjabeen for her acting. Vikas Gupta explains homosexuality to Jyoti Kumari and she asks Luv about liking girls.
10:50 PM: Sapna keeps following Arshi and sings songs around her while playing with a serving spoon.
10:52 PM: The Padosis are succesful in convincing Shilpa that their property war is real. Shilpa argues with Luv about how he doesnt own the property. They have an arguement. Shilpa tells him that he has no right over his Nanaji’s property.
10:55 PM: Sapna says that if she beats a contestant up(Arshi) and the contestant wont wake up for 5-6 months.
11:00 PM: Sapna keeps singing in front of Arshi. Arshi gets threatened and asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room.
11:02 PM: Shilpa talks to Mehjabee about her property that is stuck. Shilpa tells her to sort things out with peace.
11:05 PM: Bigg Boss then starts the Royal task again. Shilpa teases Hiten and tells him to select him as the best Rani.
11:07 PM: Arshi and Shilpa try to woo Hiten and have funny conversations. The trumpet is blown and Hiten gives Arshi’s team one pile of bricks.
11:10 PM: Shilpa dances on the song Zhingaat for Hiten and the trumpet is blown again. But since Shilpa danced for Hiten, He gives her a pile of bricks.
11:12 PM: Vikas says that if Shilpa becomes the captain, she will cause Havok in the house. Arshi and Hiten sit and talk by the jacuzzi. Hiten gives Arshi’s team three bricks each.
11:15 PM: After Bigg Boss announces that the task is over and Hiten announces that Arshi’s team has won. Bigg Boss asks Hiten to choose the better Rani. Hiten chooses Arshi and she stabs him with a sword.
11:17 PM: Hiten and Hina talk about their decisions in the task. Mehjabee and Luv Tyagi talk about their secret task and also talk about Jyoti being a double sided drum.
11:20 PM: Sabyasachi, Vikas and a few others talk about how Arshi is a fake PHD and Sabyashachi says that he first thought she is a Transgender.
11:27 PM: Puneesh gets insecure about his relationship with Bandagi. He gets insecure about her asking Luv to take off her necklace and not asking him.
11:30 PM: Bandagi tells Puneesh that Akash is a little scary and gets touchy sometimes.

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