Bigg Boss 11 October review: A month of orchestrated fights and fake romance

Back in 2006, the team of the production house Endemol came up with the idea of a desi version of US TV series Big Brother. Back then, it was supposed to be a social test on human beings from a different culture, region and backgrounds living together under one roof for good hundred days without any contact with the outside world. It was supposed to test the contestants on their social behaviour while under constant surveillance. The show was basically the survival of the fittest.
But, as the show progressed from one season to another, there seemed to be some misunderstanding about the basic concept of it among its contestants. And, by the time it reached the tenth season, the performance in the luxury budget tasks took an ugly turn with contestants hurling abuses at each other, throwing their pee at others and everything crass which anyone outside the Bigg Boss house would not even think of. Much before the premiere of season eleven, we were wondering what new drama will unfold on the television screens. Lesser did we know that the makers will bring more unfamiliar faces in the house whose only way to fame would be their dirty antics and their attempts to bring others down.

Bigg Boss 11 opened on October 1 with a not so happening and entertaining premiere episode with host Salman Khan. Even the charm of Bollywood’s superstar failed to pull up the episode on the TRP charts. However, what followed in the coming four weeks were clearly the bizarre attempts of the housemates to get watched on a million television screens. Fights were orchestrated and above all, the audience already knew about them being planned from the discussions among the contestants. Romance brewed too early in the house to be not taken as fake. And, the tasks which once were the turning point in the game, had the worst performance from the contestants.
The commoners (only for the sake of being called so as they made the news much before coming in the house) made best efforts to pull down the handful of celebrities. As they say, there is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence, this season’s commoners completely missed that line. Well, they faced the consequences as well. After four weeks, those who have been ousted from the house only include commoners.

Puneesh Sharma, Bandgi Kalra, Akash Dadlani, Arshi Khan and Zubair Khan (evicted) made some desperate attempts to be in the limelight while the celebrities before them could bring their own element to the show were only left saving their status in the house which was constantly attacked by these wannabe commoners. During the later half of the month, even the makers woke up to the worst ever TRPs and brought YouTube sensation Dhinchak Pooja to add some fun. But she too failed drastically.
Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde got some viewership to the show, though most of it was because of the varied shades of their personality. Hiten Tejwani is the only sane person in this house of a crazy bunch of people. We also wonder what made the makers bring as many as 18 contestants in the house as none could hold the viewers to the most controversial reality show on Indian television.

However, with the completion of one month of the show, we have only been disappointed and hope the coming months bring some entertainment, definitely not in the name of pre-planned fights and romance.

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