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BJP government in MP misused funds for electoral gains: Congress

Indore: Congress state unit secretary Rakesh Singh Yadav alleged that the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh illegally collected around Rs 1,300 crore from a fund to arrange funds for its ambitious Chief Minister Janakalayana (Sobbal) scheme and Its useless used.

Rakesh Singh Yadav said that Rs 1,300 crore was allegedly sent to the contingency fund of the state government from the Kalyan Mandal fund of workers associated with the labor department. He alleged that sending money in contingency funds, especially against manipulating the funds created in the interest of the workers of the building, is against the rules and regulations. This fund is funded by taxpayers’ money.

Yadav alleged that the amount transmitted to the contingency fund was transferred to the name of the Chief Minister Jankalyan (Sobbal) scheme and in the name of this scheme a large number of ineligible persons were benefited. The state government has claimed registration of more than two crore workers under this scheme, which leads to huge scam. State Congress Secretary demanded that a competent legal agency should investigate the matter.

In the state, the Chief Minister’s Jana Kalyan (Sobbal) scheme was introduced before the coming assembly elections. Under this, outstanding power mill of unorganized sector workers is waived and they are given government assistance in other ways.

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