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Have you seen those videos that show cats being all dramatic and meowing loudly if their humans get even a little bit late in feeding them? This cat faced the same situation when its pet parent didn’t get up at the designated time to feed it. However, instead of meowing loudly, this cat decided to do something else. This adorable kitty threatened to chew their mobile charger.

The image shows a cat with a charger in its mouth. (Reddit/@FresheningWind)

“Persuasive,” reads the caption of a video shared on Reddit that captures the antics of the cat. The video opens to show a cat lying on a floor with a part of the charger inside his mouth. A text overlay on the video explains the situation. “My cat pretends to eat my phone charger if I don’t get up fast enough to feed her.”The video was posted a few days ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated close to 1,100 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has received several comments from people.“My cat Garfield will actually start chewing cords if I don’t feed him (he has an automatic feeder) or if I’m not petting him enough. This cat here has a better technique,” expressed a Reddit user. “Why is this so adorable,” asked another. “That is a genius cat. That’s amazing and gorgeous! When my cat wants out at night, he finds paper or a plastic bag in my room and scratches/dig’s at it to wake us up and let him out. It works. Cats are so smart,” commented a third. “Next level brilliance,” wrote a fourth.

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