Chhattisgarh home minister seeks baba’s blessings to cure diabetes

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh home minister Ramsewak Paikra has publicly sought the blessings of a baba to cure his diabetes, and Congress is quick to hand him a bitter pill.

Taking a dig at the minister, Congress alleged that he was encouraging superstition, which would persuade local people to follow him and “take refuge in self-styled godmen for solving their problems” rather than looking for medical cures.
Paikra, a tribal leader, denied his visit to the baba in Balrampur district had anything to do with superstition. “The Kambal-wale baba didn’t charge anything. He treats for free. How could he be a dhongi? And if he’s treating people and benefiting them, I can’t believe it is mere superstition,” Paikra told reporters.

He added that he got to know about Kambal-wale Baba during his usual tour of Balrampur district, and decided to make a “causal visit”. “Baba has asked me to visit four more times to be cured of diabetes. I am sure I will be cured, not because I have blind faith but because I have trust in him,” Paikra said. A video of him with the ‘baba’ is already on social media.
State Congress media secretary Sushil Anand Shukla criticised Pakira, saying: “The minister shouldn’t encourage people by visiting such babas to solve their problems. It will only promote superstition.” He asked chief minister Raman Singh to declare if he agrees with Paikra.

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