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Chief Minister will be made in Madhya Pradesh before elections

Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has announced the creation of an independent Gouth ministry for the purpose of promotion and promotion of the state. There is currently a cow-promotion board in the state, and now it will be the ministry at its place. Three months later, assembly elections in the state will be held. In the ‘Acharya Vidyasagar Jeeva Diksha Sammelan’ ceremony in Khajuraho, the Chief Minister said that there is a need to make small gaushala in every house, and this will give the youth the right to serve in the right way and this can lead to a bigger revolution.

They said, ‘Old age comes in Gaushala and Sanctuary and in the absence of care they also die. There will be other proper arrangements including treatment at the time of such cows. The Chief Minister said that due to the formation of the Ministry, the work will be done faster and better for the Gaussewa and the promotion.

He said that the undertaking of making Swarnaodha Tirtha Trust is historic. After its creation, Khajuraho will get a new identity in the form of Swarnodaya Tirtha. Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya briefed the state government about the works being done for the development and promotion of Jain Tirtho.

The Chief Minister honored various organizations with ‘Acharya Vidyasagar Jeevadi Dawa Honor’. Acharya Vidyasagar said in his discourse that many ascetics and seekers have left their marks by practicing this holy land, following their post marks, each person will have a welfare. He said that the imagination of Ramrajya is done by all, but the requirement is that it is necessary to have the same governance-administration. Acharyashri also blessed the Chief Minister for philanthropic work.

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