ColorOS 12 Beta version to be available on more Oppo phones

The beta and official version of Oppo’s ColorOS 12, which is based on Android 12, will be rolled out to more devices. Starting March 15, the ColorOS 12 Beta version will be available on the A53s 5G while the Reno 7 Pro 5G, the F19 Pro and F17 Pro will get the same update from March 29 and the Reno4 Pro will get it on March 31.
This update cycle will include Reno, F and A series models. ColorOS 12 will have a fresh new visual design and improved privacy and security features. Oppo is also reportedly adding the ability to operate its smartphones via a Windows 10 or 11 laptop.

It will feature a new customisable 3D avatar feature called Omoji. The UI will also have many new shortcut features including click to switch to a small window, double-click to switch to full-screen, and the option to drag the corners to adjust the size. These new shortcuts are aimed at making the phone easier to use with one hand. Oppo has also included the new Smart Sidebar 2 that will help users multitask.
The UI will come with a privacy dashboard (a standard Android 12 feature) that will allow users to get an overview of all the permissions given to different apps and the option to manage them and it will also give instant prompts if any app engages the camera or the microphone. The included anti-peeping for notifications means that the phone will use AI to sense other faces watching your screen to hide notifications.
The new Conversations Widget will allow users to quickly access chats so that they can converse from the home screen without opening up a messaging application. Other awaited features include Three-Finger Translation, FlexDrop, and PrivateSystem.

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