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Congress better than family-run TRS: Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Hyderabad: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has alleged that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has outbeaten the Congress party when it comes to family rule. “Even after the Nizam rule was gone, the monarchy is being continued in Telangana,” Mr Chauhan said.

Speaking to media persons in the city on Tues-day, Mr Chauhan said, “The TRS has beaten the Congress in family rule, In fact, the Congress is better compared to the TRS, as five members in the family are working in the government. K. Chandra-sekhar Rao is Chief Minister, his nephew is a minister, his son is a minister, his daughter is a Member of Parliament and one more family member is a member of the Rajya Sabha. This shows what kind of family rule is being observed in the state. I haven’t seen this kind of family rule after Independence. TRS has outdone the Congress.”

He added, “The BJP will form the government in Madhya Pradesh, Chhatti-sgarh and Rajasthan. I have been the Chief Minister for 13 years and I was surprised and shock-ed after knowing that the Chief Minister of Telang-ana, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), does not go to the secretariat”

He questioned TRS about what happened to water, funds and placements? “The land for cultivation was not increased in Telangana but the projects were redesigned and the estimated cost increased. The government neither filled government jobs nor created private jobs. After all these agitations for separate state, the government failed to provide jobs too. I have not seen a Chief Minister who comes with these many lies, ” Mr Chouhan said.

He added, “The Congress party will search for the reasons before they get defeated. The Congress has joined hands with the Telugu Desam, which is against the interests of Telangana. The alliance made by the Congress is definitely a failure. The people of Telangana have more trust in the BJP, when compared to the Congress and TRS. One chance given to the BJP will result in showing development to the people of Telangana,”

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