Distressed woman stages dharna with kid, demands justice or euthanasia

RAIPUR: A woman in distress staged dharna along with her 11-year-old kid in front of state’s women commission’s office in state capital praying for justice against atrocities and character assassination allegedly done by her husband. The woman claims and presents evidences where her husband had alleged at many platforms that she had illicit relationship with senior IPS officers in state.
While she said that she had run from pillar to post to lodge an FIR against her husband, no one paid heed to her complaints, not even women commission. She now demands justice or euthanasia.
Hailing from Dhamtari, Savita Khandelwal who was married in 1992 to a businessman had had a disturbed married life which was full of dowry harassment, rejection, beatings and then character assassination.
She had to look to her parent’s home in Kolkata for relief while every time she was sent back after compromise, Savita said.
Talking to TOI, Savita said that when the beatings and his “doubt on my character” didn’t stop, she decided to part ways in 2010, but again her husband convinced her with intervention from both sides of family promising that he wouldn’t torture her.
She claimed that her husband, hailing from a well-off and influential family, had friendly terms with senior officers and she too was close to their wives. “But my husband raised doubt over every man I spoke to, may it be my father, brother or his own brother,” she said.
Pronouncing few names of senior IPS officers, the woman complains that none of them came forward to condemn the accusations made by her husband which has invariably strengthened her husband’s claims before the family members.
While she says that earlier she was shown the door at women’s commission, because she had no evidence against her husband. Now she has submitted all of them, but the commission isn’t taking a call.

When contacted Harshita Pandey, chairperson women commission, she said, “The woman had been approaching the commission since 2014, but as her matter was sub judice in high court, the commission withdrew the case.”
Pandey denied that the woman has submitted documents of evidence. However, she said that the commission had written to police to take the matter into consideration and counsel her and the family.
Pandey said that if the woman gives evidences, they would take the matter into consideration.
Meanwhile, the woman who is state capital says that she will continue to knock doors of administration till she gets justice.

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