Doctor’s sweet routine to dract ba while giving injection impresses people | Trending

A wholesome video showing a doctor’s sweet routine to dract a ba while giving them an injection is winning hearts online. The video, shared on Instagram, shows the doctor making funny faces and also making sounds to make the ba comfortable.The video is shared paediatrician Dr Sayed Mujahid Husain on his personal Instagram page. He also added a funny caption while posting the video. “These six month older ones are awesome, we adults are useless timid creatures!!!” he wrote.The video opens to show a toddler lying on a bed. The doctor is seen dracting the kid with his sweet routine. At one point, while doing so, he also gives the little one an injection.Take a look at the video:

The video was posted last month. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated close to 9.7 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the video has also gathered several comments. “I am showing this to my uncle’s kids who wanna be doctors and they were so inspired and also fascinated and one of them wants to become like you sir. Appreciation for your work, hats off,” posted an Instagram user. “All doctors aisi hone chaiye [Every doctor should be like this],” shared another. “Great sir,’ expressed a third. “Superb sir,” wrote a fourth.

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