DoT wants network providers to use 13-digit numbers for M2M communication; here’s why

The telecom department of India has asked BSNL and other network providers to start issuing 13-digit numbers to SIM-based Machine to Machine (M2M) devices. This new rule will not impact the mobile numbers of current or even future users.

Earlier, just like individual connections, M2M devices used 10-digit number to identify each other. Now, this new system will co-exist with with the 10-digit interface of normal users.

The move is aimed towards making M2M communication more secure. Major infrastructure and services will bank on this technology in future and this new step will enhance that.

Various network providers in India issue connections to various enterprises dealing with smart devices or machines that need independent connectivity.

The Department of Telecom announced in a note that this new switch to 13-digit numbers will begin from 1 July 2018.”From this date onwards, all new M2M mobile connections will be allocated l3-digit numbers only,” the department stated in their note.

What is M2M?

Machine to Machine is referred to the communication between two devices which can get work done without human interference. For instance, the RFID tags used on vehicles, can communicate with the sensors used on toll barriers to automatically deduct the toll and avoid unnecessary delay.

Why is it so important in India?

India’s plans to build smart cities need certain infrastructure and M2M communication is that fundamental block in this development. The advent of 5G service will enhance the capability of this specific type of machine to machine interaction.

One of the biggest uses of this method of communication is Internet of Things (IoT). In future, smartphones will not be the only smart devices in your home. The lights will be able to communicate with your music system or refrigerators will be able to suggest recipes according to the ingredients available and much more.

Currently, autonomous cars are the most radical examples of this kind of technology. We can expect vehicles running on the road to communicate with each other to avoid collisions or even tricky situations.

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