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After reacting to an AI-generated image portraying him as an Indian groom, Elon Musk has again delighted his followers as he responded to another viral picture. This time, the AI-generated image showcased the billionaire businessman as a ba. Musk, known for his quick thinking and sense of humour, couldn’t res sharing a witty reply.

A Twitter user imagined Elon Musk as a ba using AI. Elon Musk has now reacted to the viral pic. (Twitter/@alifarhat79)

The viral picture that shows billionaire businessman Elon Musk as a ba was posted a Twitter user who goes Not Jerome Powell. “BREAKING: Elon Musk was reportedly working on some anti-ageing formula but it got way out of hand,” reads the caption written along with the viral picture. The picture shows Elon Musk as a ba sporting brown dungarees with a white shirt.
Take a look at the AI-generated pic of Elon Musk as a ba:

After this AI-generated picture went viral, the Twitter CEO reacted and wrote, “Guys, I think I maybe took too much.” Alongside, he added a ba emoticon.Take a look at Elon Musk’s reply here:

Since being shared, the tweet has raked up millions of views, and the numbers are still increasing. The post has additionally garnered a plethora of responses from Twitter users.Here’s how people reacted to Elon Musk’s AI-generated picture:A Twitter user wrote, “Aww, cute.” “Haha it’s like that movie Curious case of Benjamin Button!” added another. A third commented, “Awe this is so cute. Is little Elon open to getting adopted?” “It’s the year 2069 and this man asks if you wanna go to mars wyd?” asked a fourth. To this, a Twitter user replied, “I’ll say LEAD THE WAY!” A fifth joined, “X will have a new buddy to play with now.” “You hit the Benjamin button,” commented a sixth.


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