Everyone excited to invest in India, looking forward to GST rollout: Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Washington: After attending the CEOs roundtable conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said here that the former was focused on getting insights on how to attract more foreign investment.

“It (the conference) was a discussion across many industries and I think the Prime Minister was looking for insights into how India can attract more foreign investment,” Pichai told ANI in an exclusive interview.

He added that good ideas were discussed regarding the same and that everyone was looking forward to invest more in India.

“I think there were many good ideas discussed and I think everyone is excited to invest more in India and I’m excited about what we all can do together,” said the Google CEO.

Commenting on the upcoming rollout of Good and Services Tax (GST), Pichai said, “We are all looking forward to the July 1st roll out. I know it has been a very difficult thing to do so I’m excited to see it happen. Shows that you can achieve reform by pushing hard for it and I hope it is just the beginning.”

GST is India’s biggest and most ambitious tax reform that is being rolled out in hope that it will shore up tax revenues, cool inflation and accelerate growth.

When implied it will tear down trade barriers by replacing 15 different central and state levies. The government has assured that the reform will not be inflationary.

At the conference with the business honchos, the Prime Minister stressed that the whole world is looking at India today adding that growth for New Delhi also presents a win-win partnership for the United States.

The Indian Government so far has carried out about 7,000 reforms for ease of doing business in the country and provide for minimum government, maximum governance.

“The implementation of the landmark initiative of GST could be a subject of studies in US business schools,” said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Modi who touched down the Andrews Air Force base in Washington yesterday is on a bilateral visit to meet U.S. President Donald Trump.

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