Google Photos Is Asking Users to Identify Themselves for Suggested Sharing

At Google I/O earlier this month, the search giant announced the Suggested Sharing feature for its photos app and now Google Photos has started asking users to identify themselves to help it in implementing this feature. Separately, the app has now reached 1 billion installs from Google Play.

Starting with Suggested Sharing, the feature essentially uses machine learning to remind you to share photos with those who are in those pictures. In order to implement this feature effectively, Google Photos has started asking users to identify themselves from a group of pictures that contain people’s faces.

Upon visiting, users will find a pop up from the website asking them to identify their own picture, as pointed out in a report by Android Police. Notably, the search giant already uses machine intelligence to recognise people in images and quite impressively so, if we might add. With this new input, it will be interesting to see how well the new features will be able to work once they are rolled out across platforms.

Separately, Google Photos has now reached 1 billion installs on Google Play. Google announced earlier this month that the app now has 500 million active monthly users and it has now reached another impressive milestone. The app also received an archive feature recently, which allows users to take out images from their main feed and keep them separately for later use.

It seems like Google Photos has come a long way since the app was launched two years ago and with the upcoming features, it is likely that will drastically improve going ahead as well.

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