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Many people enjoy having rusks with some butter and a steaming cup of tea. But have you ever wondered how they’re made? A video shared a Railways bureaucrat reveals the process, and it’s left people feeling absolutely disgusted. Making of rusks from scratch in a factory. (X/@Ananth_IRAS) “If this is true, I dread having a toast again!” reads the caption of the video shared on X Ananth Rupanagudi. The video opens to show workers at a factory mixing oil and salt in all-purpose flour and later kneading it. As the video progresses, workers can portion the dough into trays and then place them in a large oven for baking. After baking, the bread is divided and subjected to two additional heating processes. However, the unsanitary conditions at the production facility, where workers are not wearing gloves or head caps, have made people uncomfortable. One worker was even smoking a beedi while kneading the dough. Watch the video shared the Railways bureaucrat here: The video was shared on November 20. It has since been viewed over 6.7 lakh times, and the numbers are still going up. Many even liked the video, and some even dropped comments. Check out a few comments below:“Even branded toast from Britannia and Parle?” enquired an individual. To this, the bureaucrat replied, “They may be better, I hope.” Another joined, “Don’t worry. The heat would have destroyed all germs and viruses.” “That bidi part was ultimate,” remarked a third. A fourth shared, “Growing more and more averse to eating outside and processed food. Nearly stopped eating at restaurants. Looks like I’m going to have to make my own bread, biscuits, everything now.” “It’s better to bake our own bread,” chimed in a fifth. A sixth joined, “Thanks for not using legs.” “Home food is best. Rest is to meet hunger. I personally experienced the presence of a cigarette filter inside a samosa at a restaurant in Connaught Place,” claimed a seventh. What are your thoughts on this? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Arfa Javaid is a journal working with the Hindustan Times’ Delhi team. She covers trending topics, human interest stories, and viral content online. …view detail

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