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A marketing professional has slammed HR practices in India after she was asked to disclose personal details like her height, weight and bank statements during the recruitment process. A company’s intrusive questions for a job seeker has left social media enraged. (X/@livetime_fe) The marketing professional, who wished to be identified only her first name Vaishnavi, told Hindustan Times that the HR executive of a luxury hospitality chain reached out to gauge her interest for a role with their company. Now catch your favourite game on Crickit. Anytime Anywhere. Find out how During the recruitment process, however, Vaishnavi was asked to fill out a form that left her shocked. The form asked her to provide details like her height, weight and bank statements, as well as a full-length picture. She shared screenshots of the form on X, noting that she was not being recruited for a customer-facing role and asking for these details, therefore, was “unbelievable.” “I can’t even process this. An email from the HR in a BIG company, after they sought me out and had a call with me. Unbelievable. We ARE in 2024, right?” she wrote while sharing the screenshots on X. Take a look at the form below: Vaishnavi called the request for these personal details a major red flag while speaking to Hindustan Times. Other X users in the comments section agreed with her. “How’s height and weight relevant?? Who is writing these SOPs and how is it getting approved ANY top management?” asked a user named Krishna “And you say big company? This is beyond shocking and besides the insensitivity, do they know there is something called data privacy? What are they doing with this data – calculating average height and weight of their employees?” wrote X user Melissa. ‘Blatant sexism’While slamming the request for height and weight as blatant sexism, the marketing professional also called out other “outdated” HR practices like asking for payslips to figure out a candidate’s last salary, which, according to her, can then be used to lowball them. “HR practices in India are outdated and absurd as it is – asking for your current salary to lowball you, making you go through multiple rounds and then not communicating whether you got the job or not,” Vaishnavi told Hindustan Times. “But asking anyone for their height and weight and full body photo is beyond absurd. This is either blatant sexism or absolutely careless behaviour on part of a HR executive,” she added. “I see this as a huge red flag and wouldn’t work with an organisation like this where such strange questions are asked – why do they need to see my bank statement? Or know what I look like? Or what I weigh?“ the marketing professional questioned, again pointing out that the role she was interviewing for would require her to use her skill set and knowledge and had little to do with her appearance.

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