Imrul Kayes ruled out of India Test, Bangladesh call Mosaddek Hossain

In a big blow to Bangladesh ahead of the one-off Test against India, opener Imrul Kayes was ruled out of the game as his thigh injury resurfaced while fielding on day two of their warm-up game against India A.

BCB media manager Rabeed Imam said it was the same injury that had ruled Kayes out of the second Test against New Zealand in Christchurch last month.

Bangladesh have flown in middle-order batsman Mosaddek Hossain, who played the ODIs and T20s in New Zealand but was overlooked for the Tests.

Soumya may open

In Imrul’s absence, Soumya Sarkar is likely to open alongside Tamim Iqbal.

Kayes and Iqbal are Bangladesh’s most successful opening combination as they have scored 2205 runs while opening the batting for their side and average an impressive 47.93 as a pair with four century stands.

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