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In the Shivraj Sarkar, the minister Biswas Saarang supporters installed banner posters and hoardings

The election code of conduct in Madhya Pradesh took place only a few days and it started to be violated. The latest case is that of Bhopal, where the minister’s trust in Shivraj Sarkar, on Apsara Awara, has installed banner posters and hoardings.

Actually, hoardings have been planted for the good wishes of Navratri but there are photographs of ministers and leaders, which clearly shows violation of code of conduct. Photographs of minister Biswas Sarang and his supporters have been planted in this. This poster has been erected on the Apsara cinema thump of capital Bhopal.

Guidelines issued by Election Commission regarding Code of Conduct

-Burding-posters would include putting in election expenses

-You can not become chief guest in religious events

-The leader can not even reach the stage of religious celebrations

-As the pilgrims like to be involved in religious events

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