Is this rock hovering in air or floating in water? | Trending

Optical illusions influence our perception and lead us to see things that may not align with reality. Case in point, this optical illusion that is going viral online. It shows a seemingly simple picture of a rock, and the challenge is to find if it is hovering in the air or floating in the water.

Viral Optical Illusion: Is this rock floating in air or water?(Twitter/@Rainmaker1973)

“This photo is an example of how optical illusions mess with your mind. First you see a rock floating in the air and then…,” reads the caption of the optical illusion shared on Twitter a user who goes Massimo. The picture shows a rock that seems to be hovering in the air. But is it the case?The post was shared on March 22 on Twitter. It has since then accumulated over 12.3 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. Many even shared their thoughts in the comments section. While many were left scratching their heads, others shared that they had to stare at the optical illusion for a long to realise that the rock was actually floating in the water and not hovering in the air.An individual commented, “… it hits me in the face?” Another added, “I had to stare for a bit!” “And then a rock floating in water!” posted a third. A fourth shared, “The only clue I see is the water boundary on the rock, which seems to have correct perspective as if it is in water.”

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