Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinian attackers: Israeli officials

A Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli policeman in Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday and was then killed when officers opened fire at him, a police spokesperson said.
Later in the day, Israeli soldiers shot a Palestinian who threw a fire bomb at an army post outside Jerusalem, said a military spokesperson.

Palestinian officials identified him as 16-year-old who later died of his wounds.
In the walled Old City, a 19-year-old walked up to two officers who were stationed at one of the city gates, “pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them,” the police spokesperson said.
Other policemen near “responded firing at him and neutralised the terror. “Two officers were lightly wounded, police said, one the stabbing and one during the police gunfire.

A photo dributed the police showed a knife on the ground beside a blood stain.
In the village of Abu Dis just outside the Israeli municipal city limits of Jerusalem, soldiers shot one of two Palestinians who threw fire bombs at an army post, the military spokesperson said, adding the other attacker managed to flee.
Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City, in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed it in a move not recognised internationally. Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in 2014.

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