‘It was painful; literally went to a podiatr every week to fix my feet’: Lily Collins on wearing high heels in ‘Emily in Paris’

Emily in Paris is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, with two seasons already released and two more in the pipeline. Starring Windfall actor Lily Collins, the show is styled legendary styl Patricia Field, who also styled Sex and The City, and features a wardrobe that some love with as much intensity as some dislike and criticise.
Other than eccentric prints, traffic-stopping colours, and ultra-feminine silhouettes, one of the many aspects of Emily’s wardrobe are her high heels that she never abandons, no matter where she is. And recently, Collins revealed that it was indeed “painful”.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Collins answered Fallon’s comment on people petitioning for Emily to be in different cities, saying, “I mean, honestly, I would go all over the world with it if I could.”

But, the To the Bone actor was quick to point that “I just want to go to streets where you can wear flats, because wearing heels … I mean, you wouldn’t think how painful that could be in Paris. I actually literally went to a podiatr every week to fix my feet because I was wearing heels all the time.”
To this, Fallon added that “there’s cobblestone everywhere”, and Collins agreed saying, “Everywhere! And I had to have insoles made for every pair of shoes. I’m not kidding. I felt ancient.”
When Fallon jokingly suggested a season where Emily only wears sneakers, she laughingly replied, “Yeah, ‘Emily in Flats’! Why not?”

According to an expert, wearing heels everyday for long hours can be more than just painful. “High heels actually change the walking pattern or style of an individual, especially noted in women. High heels put extra pressure on the knee joints that may result in corns on the toes, bunions, chronic foot pain, changes in the shape of the foot, affect knees and hips, and affect foot function later on in life, especially when people age,” said Dr. Harish Ghoota, additional director, orthopedics, Fortis Escorts Faridabad.

While the doctor suggested choosing flat shoes as much as possible, opting for heels two inches or less that put less pressure on joints, or even placing insoles, there are women who have to wear heels for long periods due to their profession. “In that case, if possible, between work, try and stand up bare foot for few seconds and then lift the heels gradually off the ground as you shift your weight onto the tips of your toes. Move your bare feet around the ankle, and stretch it.”
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