Kamal Haasan appeals for calm, says ‘none can take away your rights’

New Delhi: Indian superstar Kamal Haasan on Monday took to Twitter to condemn the aggressive action by the police against pro-Jallikattu supporters – students and youth. He also advised people to maintain calm and stated that none can take away their rights.

“A looming question. When the students were calmly waiting to see what decision the assembly takes , Why preempt with police action? This is a mistake. Aggressive police action on students passive resistance will not bear good results.” he tweeted.

Kamal further posted on the social media, “None can take away your rights. Pls. stay calm. The highest office in the country is watching & will talk in your favour soon. Maintain calm.”

A while back, Police evicted scores of pro-Jallikattu demonstrators from protest venues across Tamil Nadu, especially from Marina beach, amid incidents of stone-pelting, torching a car and mild lathicharge at a few places in the city.

Protests have been taking place in the city since more than a week now against the ban on the popular and ancient bull-taming sport by the Supreme Court.

Kamal Haasan ✔ @ikamalhaasan
Spoke to the Honrbl.CM of TN. The looming question has been asked of him. He will answer soon. They’re eager to satisfy you. Stay calm
3:05 PM – 23 Jan 2017
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Kamal Haasan ✔ @ikamalhaasan
A looming question. When the students were calmly waiting to see what decision the assembly takes , Why preempt with police action ?
2:47 PM – 23 Jan 2017
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Kamal Haasan ✔ @ikamalhaasan
None can take away your rights. Pls. stay calm. The highest office in the country is watching & will talk in your favour soon. Maintain calm
2:13 PM – 23 Jan 2017
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Kamal Haasan ✔ @ikamalhaasan
This is a mistake. Aggressive police action on students passive resistance will not bear good results.
11:18 AM – 23 Jan 2017
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The Tamil film fraternity has actively expressed its support in favour of Jallikattu.

The state government on Sunday organised Jallikattu in several places following the promulgation of an ordinance enabling the same.

But the protesters demand the central government take out bulls from the list of performing animals.

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