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Do you remember the excitement and happiness you felt when you visited a new place with your classmates? This video shared on Twitter may remind you of those happy moments and take you on a walk down memory lane. The heartwarming clip captures the first library visit of a group of kids in Karnataka.Twitter user Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta posted the video on her personal handle. Mahadevan-Dasgupta also shared a short caption to add context to the clip. “Little anganwadi kids on their first visit to the rural library! Video shared Vimala, PDO Girisagar, Bagalkote,” the Twitter user tweeted. The video opens to show the children dressed in school uniform entering a library one one.While replying to her own tweet, she also added another video showing the kids reading books. “Learning to hold books in their hands. Many of them are first generation learners. #kidsinlibraries,” she added while tweeting the clip.Take a look at the videos:

The video was shared a few hours ago. The clip, till now, has accumulated more than 4,700 views and counting. The share has also gathered close to 370 likes. The clip prompted people to post various reactions. “I still remember my first accidental entry into a public library in Madurai and being awestruck that I could pick up any expensive illustrated book & sit & read, without money! That opened the world for me. I hope these tiny tots discover the world too,” wrote a Twitter user. “The sweetest visuals, heartwarming to see this,” expressed another. “The bliss! Amazing work, kudos,” commented a third. “Wow,” posted a fourth.

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