Lenovo Z5 will offer 45 days of standby backup, launch invites to be out soon

Chinese electronics giant and smartphone maker seems to be creating a lot of hype for its upcoming flagship, the Lenovo Z5. Chang Cheng, the Lenovo Group VP has generated a tremendous amount of interest regarding the smartphone on the internet. He has regularly posted details about the features that will come with the Z5 on his official Weibo account, talking about one feature at a time. Similar to instances in the past, Cheng revealed that the Z5 will come will a large battery as he teased that it will offer users 45 days of standby time.

For the people who don’t know what “Battery Standby” time is, then it is the amount of time a battery-powered device can stay on without any active usage of the battery. This can also mean how long the battery lasts before the device shuts down in one full charge. This is not all since Cheng pointed out that the invitation for the launch event will start going out soon.

This new information about the Z5 comes hours after Cheng revealed some image samples from the device to showcase its portrait mode. Cheng previously revealed that Z5 will be the first smartphone to come with 4 TB of internal UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 2.1 flash memory. Before this, he revealed a sketch of the device and some glimpses of the renders of the Z5.

Cheng has also stated in the past that Lenovo has managed to achieve four technological breakthroughs along with 18 patented technologies while manufacturing the device. He also hinted that the device may come with more than 95 percent screen to body ratio. Considering all the information that is available about this device at the time of writing, the device looks really good on paper. In spite of such all claims by the company, only time will tell us about how the device holds up in the real world.

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