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Live Cricket Score, India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 1: Woakes’ triple strikes leave India reeling at Lunch Read In Hindi

India vs England Live Score, 3rd Test, Day 1:
Live Cricket Score, India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 1 at Trent Bridge: Hello and welcome to an action-packed day live from Trent Bridge as India take on England in a must-win match, to stay alive in the five-match Test series. India lose their third wicket just on the stroke of lunch and Pujara will consider himself a bit unlucky. It was India’s session up until drinks, losing no wickets. Both Rahul and Dhawan started well, showed intent while leaving and defending and when they got the lose ball they made sure they capitalized on it. It’s was the man of the match of the last match who put his hand up and has got the home side right back in it. First Dhawan was unable to control the bounce and movement and ended up edging one to Butler at second slip. Rahul then was caught right in front of the wickets by an in-cutter from Woakes. And on the last ball before lunch, Pujara went for the pull, ball climbed up on him and unfortunately for him and India the uppish pull shot went straight in the lap of Adil Rashid at deep fine leg.​ Here you can get all the live scores, cricket match updates, IND vs ENG live score, live cricket online and the updates live from Trent Bridge, Nottingham.
17.33 IST: India 82/3 at Lunch against England in Nottingham. Woakes 3/18, Kohli 4*. Cheteshwar Pujara OUT! What? How could you Pujara, how could you, and that too on the cusp of Lunch? It was a nothing delivery, a short ball on middle and leg. He pulls it with power. If only he had hit it 10 meters left or right to Rashid at fine leg, it would have gone for a boundary but no. He times it to perfection, and Rashid only has to take a couple of steps to his left to pouch an easy catch. Pujara is shell-shocked, so is Ravi Shastri in the dressing room, and Kohli looks bamboozled as well. On the other hand, Woakes can’t believe his luck as he celebrates with a huge smile on his face. Pujara keeps on finding unusual ways to get out.

17.13 IST: FOUR! That’s bread and butter for Pujara. He will play this in his sleep. Fuller and just outside off. Pujara gets forwards and times this cover-drive well enough for the ball to cross over the boundary easily. Pujara is off to a good start.

17.09 IST: FOUR! Byes! Big booming in-swinger again, but the swing is just too much this time. The ball misses Pujara’s pads and also the diving keeper. Four runs gifted to India who will take it with both hands open.

17.06 IST: Virat Kohli is the new batsman walking in.

17.05 IST: OUT! Woakes removes Rahul for 23. Review for lbw. Length ball on off stump, pitches and nips back in. The ball misses the inner edge on Rahul’s bat and is traped on the crease. Eramus has given him out. Both batsmen chat and decide to go for the review. But review shows 3 reds and Rahul’s fight ends. England have struck twice and are right back in the game. India 65/2 in 21 overs vs England in Nottingham.

17.03 IST: KL Rahul has been trapped in front. Up goes the finger after the appeal is made and the Indian opener starts to walk. Pujara calls him back and suggests to take the DRS. Rahul is seen saying ‘no bat’ but Che still wants him to take the help of the technology. Here we go then. To us, that looks to be out.

16.58 IST: FOUR! Stokes goes wide of the crease and angles it back in from the off stump. Pujara has worked it off his pads behind square. The ball races to the boundary. Four runs has been signalled by The Umpire.

16.53 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is the next batsman in.

16.52 IST: OUT! Woakes removes Dhawan for 35. And India’s 1st goes down. It’s that man Woakes again who tormented India at Lord’s. Bowls this just short of a length on off stump. The ball pitches and nips away. Dhawan tries to defend it with a straight bat, but the movement is just enough to take the outside edge of Dhawan’s bat. Ball flies to second slip to Butler who makes no error. England draw first blood. India 60/1 in 18.4 overs vs England in Nottingham.

16.42 IST: FOUR! Another one! Well played by Rahul. Length ball on off, pitches and nips away but Rahul has taken the movement into account, he prods forward and defends. The ball takes the outer half and races past third slip to the boundary. IND 55/0 in 16.2 overs

16.42 IST: FOUR! Classy shot by Rahul and 50 up for India. The openers have done their homework. One of the best of the innings so far. Woakes bowls this full and just outside off, swinging away. Rahul leans forward and gets out a superbly timed cover drive. Races away through cover point region. Rahul looking good. IND 51/0 in 16.1 overs

16.40 IST: FOUR! That shows his confidence. Short and wide and crashed through cover-point again. Relentless Dhawan creaming everything through the off side. IND 47/0 in 15.4 overs.

16.35 IST: Drinks! Drinks have been called by the umpires. A much needed cuppa coffee needed in this chilly Nottingham morning. For the visitors, their team will be feeling relaxed considering they have not lost a wicket. England have not done too badly either but they have been a bit wayward I feel.

16.33 IST: Chris Woakes to Lokesh Rahul, no run. Last ball before the drinks break. Rahul shoulders his arms to the ball outside off. End of a good session for India. IND 43/0 in 15 overs.

16.30 IST: Chris Woakes is on.

16.18 IST: FOUR! Short, wide and punished. Dhawan hasn’t let any opportunity to score go past him. He crunches this one through covers and finds the gap. IND 39/0 in 11.2 overs.

16.10 IST: FOUR! Thrashed! Dhawan gets some width on this angled length ball and he does not miss. He gets into poistion quickly and flashes hard to pierce the gap through the covers.

16.08 IST: Ben Stokes is on as the first change.

16.03 IST: FOUR! A boundary to conclude the eighth over. Goodness me, that was close. Dhawan will take it. A length ball on off and coming into the batsman who is late on the shot. The ball takes the inside half of the bat and another boundary through the fine leg region results.

16.02 IST: FOUR! Being a bowler myself, I can relate to what Broad wanted to do there, but its not advisable to say the least. To move it further away from Dhawan, he bowls this one on middle and looks to swing it away from him, however, it wasn’t to be. Dhawan easily clips the length which drops on his hips. A boundary through the vacant fine leg region. IND 21/0 in 7.4 overs.

15.55 IST: Michael Holding and David Lloyd appear to be in a trolling mood this morning. First, the West Indian displays his dry humour by saying that the Indian players are wearing black armbands and that’s not because they are 0-2 down in the series. Then, he points to Root who was shining the ball and jokes that the best way to roughen up one side will be to use a sandpaper and Bumble also joins him in that. The former pacer quickly asks him, is he indicating towards a particular team? That’s quite cheeky. Now, the camera pans to Adil Rashid and David quips what a Test match he had at Lord’s. Haha!

15.51 IST: FOUR! Up and over the slip cordon and it goes to the third man boundary. Dhawan flashes hard at the back of a length and as a result, it goes over. A good over for India nonetheless.

15.48 IST: FOUR! And the pressure is released. A gentle losener on the pads, Dhawan flicks and gets it through backward square leg for the first boundary of the morning. Anderson is looking off colored, to be honest. IND 8/0 in 4.3 overs.

15.46 IST: Stuart Broad to Shikhar Dhawan, Jaffa! Dhawan is late on it. He didn’t judge the line or the length off this one. A ‘Broad-length’ ball just outside off, it whizzes past the inside of Dhawan bat. A cracker of an over from Broad, first maiden as well. Another maiden over by Stuart Broad.

15.39 IST: Stuart Broad to Lokesh Rahul, no run. Angling into the batsman from a length around off, Rahul defends it from the crease to end a pretty innocuous over.

15.34 IST: Stuart Broad is into the attack.

15.33 IST: James Anderson to Shikhar Dhawan, no run. On a length angling away from the Shikhar who let’s one through. So, a rather ordinary over considering the previous matches. No wicket this time. India rejoice! IND 2/0 in 1 over.

15.30 IST: We are all set for the Third Test. Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul are out in the middle. James Anderson, as expected, has the new cherry in his hand.

Hello and welcome to our live blog, we will shortly get underway with the live match updates as India take on England in a penultimate clash at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. The TOSS will place take place at 3.00 PM IST and play will commence from 3.30 PM IST.

Preview: Shaken by abject surrender in the first two Tests, a desperate India are expected to ring in a slew of changes as they aim at redemption against a rampaging England in a do-or-die third Test, starting today. For Indian team, the Trent Bridge Test will be their last chance to save the series after being outplayed in the first two Test matches — by 31 runs Edgbaston and innings and 159 runs at the Lord’s. Down 0-2 with only five and half days of competitive cricket in all, skipper Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri will be aiming to get the team combination right having bungled at the Lord’s.

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