Lunar Eclipse 2022 Live | Chandra Grahan May 2022 Today India Live Updates: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Timings, Date in India, Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Live Streaming Online

Lunar Eclipse 2022 Today Live Updates: The first lunar eclipse of 2022 has begun. It will be over 12.30 in the afternoon , and this is also called a ‘Supermoon’ and a Blood Moon as well. The reason is that moon will look bigger than usual and will take on a reddish colour.
A ‘Supermoon’ is a full moon, but when the moon appears to be bigger than usual. During an eclipse, the moon takes on a reddish colour due to the ‘Rayleigh scattering effect. This is because the Earth totally blocks sunlight from reaching the moon, but since red light has a longer wavelength some of it can still reach the satellite.
The ‘reddish tinge’ is more pronounced when there is more dust in the sky, according to NASA. The total lunar eclipse has begun and while it is not visible in India, there are livestream links available where one can view the event. The eclipse is visible in the eastern half of the United States and all of South America. We have embedded the NASA live stream below:

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