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Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad detains 4 people for ‘Simboxing’

BHOPAL: Digging deeper into the Simbox fraud, Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) on Thursday detained four more people including a girl from Bhopal. The girl is said to be associated with Dhruv Saxena – who was one of the 11 people arrested by the MPATS in the last 48 hours. The state police have gone silent after Congress claimed that one of the arrested men, Dhruv Saxena, is working with the BJP’s IT Cell.

As this issue started trending on social networking sites like Twitter and turned out to be a political blame game in the state, BJP disowned Dhruv. The arrest of 11 men by the Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad on Friday is turning out to be a political blame game in the state.

Though the party has distanced itself from Saxena, images of him attending an event with Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJYM district head Anshul Tiwari has since gone viral.

Eleven people, including a BJP leader’s brother, have been arrested from Bhopal, Gwalior and Satna so far. Officials say more people have been detained and are being questioned. Most of the accused were involved in Simboxing and money laundering. None of them expect Balram Singh -of Satna have been linked to Pakistan so far.
Most of them have been charged under various sections Indian Telegraph Act while Balram has been charged for waging war against the country,” said sources.

Pakistan’s ISI allegedly exploited the parallel telecom exchange enabling to call up military personnel posted in Jammu and Kashmir posing as senior Army officers and dig out details of operations, deployment and installations in the region”, said an officer privy to the information.

ATS officials have seized several Chinese equipments and SIM-boxes (machine that houses sim cards) mobile phones, prepaid SIM cards of different telecom companies, laptops and data cards. Calls made via internet are sent to SIM-boxes which redirect this illegal VoIP traffic onto mobile networks.
Those involved, were bypassing the interconnect toll charging points to exploit the difference between the high interconnect rates and the low retail price for on-network calls, therefore avoiding payment of the official call termination fee of an Operator.

ATS had been helped by the TERM (Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring) cell of the union telecom ministry in understanding technicalities such as call spoofing and SIM box-aided call transfers that these accused employed.
These “exchanges” were earning lakhs by routing international calls bypassing legal gateways. They used to help callers based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh eavesdrops on military operations using ‘interconnect bypass fraud.’

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