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Madhya Pradesh: BJP MLA calls nursing homes, ‘slaughter houses’

BHOPAL: BJP legislator from Deotalab seat Girish Gautam on Wednesday termed private nursing homes in the state as “slaughter houses”. During question hour, the MLA raised a query for minister for health Rustam Singh, on the conditions laid down for private hospitals before registration. In the absence of Rustam Singh, the question was answered by minister of state Sharad Jain.

Girish Gautam claimed that nursing homes are flouting all rules and regulations. He said there are 32 private nursing homes in Rewa town which do not follow any of the set rules including the space to be allocated for a patient and his bed or the attendants. He said that when the situation of a patient starts to deteriorate and death seems certain, then these nursing homes refer the patient to government hospitals.

He claimed that tissue and body part remnants after surgery are also not disposed of hygienically causing great hazards to the health of citizens. He argued that this is not just the situation of nursing homes in Rewa but throughout the state. “Will you order a probe into the function of these slaughter houses?” he asked.
When minister of state Sharad Jain started arguing on the rules and regulations governing private nursing homes, Speaker Sitasharan Sharma asked the government to get the MLA’s allegations examined.
Girish Gautam was not satisfied with a mere examination by the state government of private nursing homes. He pressed for an investigation which the government did not commit to.

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