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Madhya Pradesh BJP to discourage cash donation

BHOPAL: While the Congress and BJP hold similar views on protecting sources of party fund, the BJP shortly after demonetisation asked its all state units to open bank accounts in each district and not to accept cash donations, unless exceptional.

A meeting of state BJP comprising district units was convened on Friday to set a target of Ajeevan Sahyog Nidhi'(lifetime party fund) at Rs11 crore for 2017 against Rs 8 crore decided for 2016.

The party has decided to deposit collected lifetime donations on February 11, observed as ‘Samarpan Divas’ to mark the death anniversary of BJP ideologue Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. On this occasion, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will also be present, informed the meeting. The State unit will deposit Rs 11 crore in party fund on February 11.
As party’s state and district office-bearers, treasurers, district in-charge and heads of lifetime party fund committees were present at the meeting. Chartered accountant Veni Thapar, who arrived from Delhi, gave a presentation on methods of accepting party funds and guidelines to be followed by members.

“We have asked party workers to accept party donations through digital mode or cheques. Cash donations will be accepted only when necessary or in exceptional cases. The party will ensure cash donations were received below Rs 20,000,” said BJP state president Nandkumar Singh Chouhan, on Friday.

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