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Madhya Pradesh board launches another helpline no.

BHOPAL: After being flooded with distressed calls from students, the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) on Wednesday launched one more toll free exam helpline number to address all calls related to board exams.
“Keeping in view the number of calls being received by the helpline cell, the board is introducing one more helpline number, which is toll-free so that all distress calls are addressed by the counsellors,” reads the statement issued by MPBSE. The helpline received 1450 distress calls from students from February 1 to 7. The additional toll free help line number is 18002330175 apart from the other numbers, which are (0755) 2570248, 2570258, 9424495482, 9424495483.
The statement added that the objective of this service is to provide consultation on psychological, mental and personal problems during the exam time. The help line is being operated from morning 8 to 12 midnight. There are several counsellors who work in four shifts. The student and their guardians can also visit the centre located on the board campus to consult the counsellors.

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