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Madhya Pradesh CM honours cops for Simhastha service

BHOPAL: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan lauded the state police on Saturday for its exemplary work during the Simhastha Mahakumbh at Ujjain that was held last year. He commended the cops for their efforts to ensure that MP holds the status of a peaceful state in the country.

“The work done by the state police during Simhastha is praiseworthy. The cops not only showed their management skills to control the massive crowd but also won several hearts through their polite and helpful approach. Madhya Pradesh is appreciated for being the most peaceful state in the country, kudos to the state police and its staff,” said Chouhan during a felicitation programme here.

Chouhan honoured 39 cops including former director general of police (DGP) Surendra Sinh Yadav along with state home minister Bhupendra Singh with Simhastha Jyoti medal and Rustamji Award for exemplary work during one-month long religious extravaganza. He said around 25,000 policemen worked efficiently and managed activities during Simhastha. He also lauded the monitoring done by home minister Bhupendra Singh.

“Not just the cops played a crucial role in controlling the crowd; the state home minister also played a commendable role by monitoring the activities for 73 days. The state is being recognised as the most peaceful state in the country courtesy our policemen”, said Chouhan.

The chief minister also mentioned the role played by state police in controlling terrorist activities. He said strict action should be taken against those involved in criminal activities against women. Chouhan also called upon the police to control alcohol abuse and drug addiction among the youths.

“Strict action is required against people involved in crimes against women. The police should also control alcoholism and initiate de-addiction campaigns across the state”, Chouhan said. Bhupendra Singh and DGP R K Shukla also spoke at the event.

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